I may or may not be alive yea

will create somethin...someday



[RMXP] Pokemon Essentials-Allowed?

Thank you for the clarification! I figured this was the case. I'm just making a project as a fun hobby, I don't plan to advertise it at all other than possibly posting it on this site, if I ever do post it outside of my friend circle. So I figure Nintendo wouldn't likely notice.

Still, of course if Nintendo ever contacts me (oh, thats a scary prospect), I'd be taking it down right away. Thanks again for the response, y'all. (And jeez, how could I have forgotten about Pokemon RMN Version??)

[RMXP] Pokemon Essentials-Allowed?

Hey everyone, apologies if this is in the wrong place-been a long while since I've really used this lovely site! I'm faaairly sure I know the answer to this already, but I ask just to be sure.

What's the opinion here on using Pokemon Essentials, a huge script pack for RPGMaker XP? I understand some more professional-y places like rpgmaker.web probably discourage the use of it-due to concerns of copyright infringement (and stolen assets from official pokemon games). This place always has been pretty laid-back, though, and I saw a couple old Pokemon fangames on here years back. So I just wanted to see if it would be generally discouraged for me to ever post a pokemon fangame made with Pokemon Essentials on this site, or if that sort of thing is a-okay here. Thanks!

What are you thinking about right now?

i absolutely remember that, its a fond memory-WAIT IT STARTED IN 2014? And ended around 2015-2016...
time flies so fast

What are you thinking about right now?

i remember you!! yeah i joined when i was 13 around...december 2012? lol? so i guess i was actually 16 when i left. teens usually do wanna avoid being treated like young teens, i suppose.

in any case, if i can get off my butt and actually dedicate myself to a project, i really need to come back here... its a good place

What are you thinking about right now?

Holy crap, wildwes?! You're still alive! I didn't think we'd ever see you again. How have you been doing?

YOOOOOOOOO OMG...I didnt even realize how much i missed yall gosh

i guess ive been good?? im like 20 now, i have a part time job as a shift leader at a restaurant, im going to college for ??? (radiology? mayb? ill figure it out?), im way more open about a lot of things than i used to be, and im (probably) more mature now. looking back at my old messages... remembering how i got this tagline under my name... oh dear...;;;
but we can laugh that off as me being silly 13-15 year old back then, i suppose!

HOW HAVE YOU BEEN JEEZ THIS PROLLY ISNT THE PLACE FOR A ONE ON ONE CONVO BUT that question can just be to everyone how about that : )

What are you thinking about right now?

oh my god i havent been on this site since like 2015-2016 and its all the same!! so many of yall are still here!! THIS TOPIC WITH 1600+ PAGES IS STILL HERE

the nostalgia hit me hard, guys....i just came here to see if vx ace or MV is considered better and i got wrapped up in Forum Nostalgia...

if i ever stop being lazy and make games (at least i have college as an excuse now) i should def come back here

e:tho it looks like things are quieter than they used to be...its nice to see y'all ain't dead

The Highlander's Tomb (Team Forum RPG)


"Bazyli...! Oh, Bazyli..." I... I'm practically speechless. He's back! He's back... W-we're all safe, in fact, Bazyli and I, and my allies, my friends!
"Everyone! I... t-thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this. This journey has been long and hard, and none of us could have done it without each other...! Oh, this is coming out terribly sappy, dear me... Kairy! Farewell! Good luck with your travels! I promise to keep Bazyli safe! ...You're fine with that, right, Bazyli?
Ah, Kairy isn't the only one who's taking a break from adventures like these. Though my heart calls for justice, I... have a task now. To protect you, Bazyli! My days of hunting evil are over!
So then, everyone, we shall be leaving too, I suppose... I shall go wherever Bazyli wishes to. A-assuming our travels do not take us to any overly dangerous places, that is! Then this is... f-farewell...? Oh dear, I don't know if I'm ready, ready to leave my dear comrades! My, what a journey this has been!" Now now, I must calm down, shouldn't get too emotional...
"Right... I feel I should say it again. Thank you, everyone! I hope that we may see each other once more in our travels! That includes you as well, Kairy! ...I fear she's too far away to hear me, at this point. Oh well. Bazyli, it's time to be off, isn't it? Is there anything we need to do before we go...? Where are we going anyways? I suppose we'll find out!"
I, admittedly, am not so sure that i should stop fighting evil... as a righteous Paladin, is it not my duty? Not to mention that... I'm not entirely sure Anathema is gone from this world in the first place. Yet I cannot continue such dangerous journeys with young Bazyli in tow. This is my life and purpose now, to protect Bazyli! Not just because Kairy told me to, but also because this is what I wish to do. Wherever he wishes to go, I shall follow him, to the ends of the earth, if he insists!

(...i don't know how to end things, this is good right? also, i found this game very fun, but i also am sorta glad it's ending, not because of anyone else, but entirely cuz of me. i've had... qualms with how i've played my character forever now, but always felt that it was a little too late to fix them, maybe. regardless, i'm glad to have played this, and i'm looking forward to the next game! ...Which i may or may not be joining i'm not so sure yet.)

The Highlander's Tomb (Team Forum RPG)

Woah, hey, this isn't dead! ...Huh? oh, i'm not dead either, just very, very inactive! So what's going o-
(okayokay, i need to... process this new info, and just generally.. i dunno, think and stuff. i haven't even thought about this, or my character, in forever, so i need a bit to think of what i'm going to write in response to all this. Oh, uhm... i'm allowed to do that, right? Not just Ilan and NS? and uh.... welcome back, me? heheh, sorry to have been inactive. Oh, and also. I'm pretty okay with how this turned out, and i understand ending it like this. All in all, i found the game very fun! oh and also, it's kinda late so i likely won't be editing/posting my response to all this til sometime tomorrow, sorry))

The Highlander's Tomb (Team Forum RPG)

mhm, i agree with Ilan here. Ya take your time with stuff!


Gaster pup is best pup
did someone say Undertale trash i am Undertale trash