I only just realized that the Help Request and Resources (or whatever it was called) was split into two (Help Me! and The Job Board). W-when did this happen?


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So it wasn't just my imagination when I thought the Game Development section looked... taller...
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Good morning. Where have you been? ;)

Edit: More seriously: This was done like two months ago, I think. How'd you miss that?
It was done two months ago, really?

Um i-it's because of my bad PERC okay
seriously how do I not notice these things

Edit: Even if it hasn't been a month, still you'd think I'd have noticed it before now.
I actually noticed it within the first day it was created!

Silly Wes.
It was added a few weeks ago. Don't worry, while I also noticed the first day it was done, I am forever mixing up which board I'm wanting to go in. >.<;
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