I like the new feature of being able to save posts but I would like it a whole lot better if I weren't constantly clicking Save instead of Quote or Edit


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Yea I've been meaning to ask... what does that do?
Saving a post? It basically, well, saves the post. There should be a place somewhere on your profile that shows the posts you've saved. Basically, it's a way to easily access posts you want to see later. Save a post, and you can find it easily by looking through your list of saved posts.

Your list of saved posts is in the Subscriptions area of your profile btw.
Yeah, it's basically a favourite system for posts. So if something was quite funny or interesting, had a lot of information you want to refer back to in the future, Save it~
The save button really should be on the right side though. Quote has been there for so long it's become habit to click that spot. And people will be using Quote much more than Save.

Please change?
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