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[RMXP] Pokemon Essentials-Allowed?

Hey everyone, apologies if this is in the wrong place-been a long while since I've really used this lovely site! I'm faaairly sure I know the answer to this already, but I ask just to be sure.

What's the opinion here on using Pokemon Essentials, a huge script pack for RPGMaker XP? I understand some more professional-y places like rpgmaker.web probably discourage the use of it-due to concerns of copyright infringement (and stolen assets from official pokemon games). This place always has been pretty laid-back, though, and I saw a couple old Pokemon fangames on here years back. So I just wanted to see if it would be generally discouraged for me to ever post a pokemon fangame made with Pokemon Essentials on this site, or if that sort of thing is a-okay here. Thanks!

[RMVX ACE] Questions galore. Can I even do this without a script?

I'd have named this something more relevant to the questions themselves, but I have too many questions for me to think of a conclusive title. Anywayyyys
Right, where to start? So basically, I've been trying to create a skill that does normal damage (like, normal attack sorta damage) or just plain low damage if the target doesn't have a certain ailment, but does a lot of damage if the target DOES. So, say I wanted the enemy to take more damage from this specific skill if they were afflicted with a negative status effect like Poison, Blind, Sleep, etc. How would I do this? Ideally, there would be two different damage formulas: one for the attack when the target has no ailment, and one for when the target DOES. I, however, have no idea how to do this. though the different damage formulas thing is cool, I'd be cool with just being able to have the attack have one damage formula, and just have the damage from that formula doubled or tripled with the conditions met.
Like I said, I haven't the slightest idea how to implement this. So I came up with a different idea: how about I give certain ailments like Blind, Stun, and Sleep Evasion penalties, and make the skill in question just be a skill with low accuracy? So you could have a skill that isn't great without the evasion penalty, but with the evasion penalty from certain ailments, the skill's great. The problem is... I'm not sure how to change the skill's accuracy. Now, I'm not talking the skill's Success rate, I'm familiar with that. I set it's success rate to 50%, and to test it out tried using it on a normal enemy, and a sleeping one, and a blinded one. It hit about as many times as you'd expect on a normal enemy, and though I was expecting it to hit the sleeping and blinded enemy every time, due to their evasion being lowered as low as it can go, the skill... still hit only half the time, which leads me to believe that success rate isn't affected by evasion (and presumably accuracy as well). So now I'd like to figure out how to change the skill's accuracy rather than it's success rate, but the only way I see is to change the user of the skill's accuracy, and obviously I don't want the user of the skill to only hit half the time with every attack.
Now, it seems like the latter of these two options would be easier to implement. It seems like something so obvious that I'm actually afraid I'm missing something stupidly obvious that would make this a cinch. But if I knew of that, I wouldn't be asking about this. So, to summarize, I'd like either a skill that does more damage when the enemy has at least one of certain states (like Poison, Paralyze, etc. states of my choosing) applied, OR I;d like a skill with low accuracy that's still affected by evasion, so if an enemy's evasion is set as low as it can go, the enemy will still be hit despite the skill's low accuracy. is there a way to implement either of these? Is a script needed for either of these, because if so I'm not against utilizing them. Also, just to check and make sure, if I want an enemy to get hit more, I most definitely need to lower the Ex-Parameter EVAsion, correct? That's a stupid question, but 'm just making sure.

(VX ACE) This Bandit Event is driving me nuts!

Well, the title says it all. :(

I'm trying to get this to work. After you talk to this bandit, you'll have a battle with him. That works. After you win the battle, it's set so that the bandit's sprite (graphic, whatever) will change to one of the bandit sprites in 'Damage 3'. However, The sprite changes to the rogue sprite right above the bandit sprite in 'Damage 3'. It's set to not move, so I'm not sure why it does that. This is driving me completely crazy, and any help would be appreciated!

Screenshots of the event (large images):

VX ACE People 5-8 Facesets?

Okay, I've looked. Even though I don't like asking for help unless I HAVE to, I'm asking.

In vx ace there are sprites of npcs. There are some different ones in People 5 , 6, 7, and 8. However, there are NO FACES for them! I can't find any though! Does anyone know where I can find faces for these sprites that look like the RTP ones? Thanks if you do and sorry for being a bother.

SMBX Putting Levels on Worlds Help

Okay, I've looked it up and know how to do it. But when I put levels on the world map and play the game, the levels don't work. I have the filename exactly right and I'm pretty sure everything is exactly right. But when I play it, it DOESN'T take me to the level like a working world map should. What's wrong with it?

SMBX Help With Game Upload Related Stuff

First off, I know this particular question has been asked and answered before, but I can't find it! Rage... Anyway, yeah, how do I upload an SMBX game on this site? Assuming, of course, it's been accepted. Also, could I make and upload a very short game (one world, seven levels) mostly to get feedback on whether I'm good or horrible at designing Mario levels? How to conclude... I hate conclusions... So, yeah... That's it. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for helping a newbie!

Hello! Do you like Dead Like Me?

That is an unrelated question but it can't hurt to know whether rmn peoples
like the greatest and shortest TV show of all time. Anyway, I'm wildwes.
I'm a bit new to rpg making but I do plan to be makin' some cool
games. Nice to meet ya'll (yes, I did say ya'll).

Edit: I will probably also be playin' games too...
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