Video game tunes that get stuck in your head often?

Oh, childhood.

I'm not sure if anyone has posted Metal Slug 3's character select theme here, but that theme stucks eternally.

Are Core Scripts getting out of control?

As a scripter myself, I'll refrain from forcing the users to have my core script or whatever it is. It's annoying, if you ask me.

I've never checked those core scripts, but I'd say the purpose core scripts exist that it containts the scripter's own convenient scripting snippets, reducing headache for making more specific scripts.

I can only say that... better be patient and at least they work...!

New server move [APRIL FOOLS] (refresh your browser)

This is both hilarious and very unfunny...! Thank god I browse this site with my phone, but typing awkwardly flipped is awkward!

Happy april fools, and when will this chaos end!?

A game page to be managed by 2 or more users

Oh yes, now he can! Thanks!

I positioned him as Other... So it doesn't work, huh?

A game page to be managed by 2 or more users

I'm wondering how to make a game profile to be managable by 2 users or more... I'm pretty lost how to do this :(

Specifically, the other user doesn't have to be able to control all of them, but at the very least they can post blogs in the game profile as a developer too. I've listed a friend as one of the users in the game profile, but he said that he can't post any blog there. He's been wanting to post a blog in one of our game's profile... Is there any way?

RMN Steam group / VX Ace Giveaway #4

Joined. I'm using an avatar of a sunglasses guy with green hat.

But probably won't be on often, since I probably waste my time with my 3DS instead...

Steam VX Ace Giveaway - Part 3 (Sprite challenge) - Submissions closed

Actually, this one is to fish. But still count as an enemy/monster, non?

Name: Finguy
Fish of a man's face

A kind of freshwater fish(?) which dwells in depths of cavern waters of Nusakana Island. They're docile in nature. In fact, they're dignified even compared to humans. People freak out as they speak in human tongue... and see them have a human face. No one knows why these lovecraft abominations even exist. Maybe the old Elvan magic did something to them? Their meat flavor resembles closely to human flesh... Eww...

As dignified as they are, they love pisces delicacies like other fishes do. But they demand a real high class meal, as they are picky gourmets. Once they find it, they cannot resist to get it, getting hooked or not.

They have low stamina, but they're still very smart to outwit their fisher. One slip and they'll escape for good, savoring their high class bait.

Quick Pulls: Strongly pulls the hook in rhythmic intervals. Worth for their low stamina to break the line considerably.

Pull!: The classic pulling as the other fishes do. They have a considerable power despite they tire easily. Weak rods beware.

L'astuce pour ├ęchapper: Submit to their reeler's power. But actually, they're working to release the hook from themselves. Miss your timing for this and you'll lose both the finguy and your exquisite bait. They're intelligent indeed.

Inspired by: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyocvH1bmrw (The video can melt your face, as it warns you)
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