Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate Review

Yeah, as pointed by TheBadMan, the review didn't give other factors, other than story and characters, any chance at all. Not to mention any mention in there. Is there any reason that the gameplay and other factors were not counted here?

Cruna Aktrid Review

Thank you for your feedback. Since the demo available was uploaded... Around 8 months ago, most of the issues have been fixed. Let me re-respond about those:

The dialogue of most non-player characters (NPCs) is somewhat forgettable, relying on dull one liners. However, two NPCs involved in cutscenes and another one not involved in them actually have interesting things to say. The final character introduced in the demo doesn’t actually say anything in it, but her reactions to events give you an idea of her personality. The writing is somewhat hard to understand due to some serious grammatical errors. I would recommend to the developer they get a person with good grammar to revise his writing.

Gotta tell the crews right away about this. The fact is the NPC dialouges were written by another crew, not me, mostly. We will make sure to improve the NPC's quirkiness. And oh, pardon our lack of experience in english... We'll try our best to have the grammar right later on. About "Forcy", I thought the word exists? :P But oh, it doesn't :(

When first entering the forest, you are given the chance of learn the different aspects of the Greed Grid Battle (GGB) system from a tutorial. Due to the issue mentioned earlier regarding the hard to understand writing, I found it better to experience the GGB system first hand and figure out things as I went along. I would suggest that the developer not only rewrite the tutorial, but also rethink the way to present it. Perhaps, a tutorial where things are explained, gradually, in a tutorial battle would be better to avoid overwhelming the player with too many details at once.

We've heard many complaints about that, and we immediately revised how we explain the system in-game. The game will pop out several "help cards" corresponding the situation. You'll be explained how guard works when you select it, for example.

Most battles are initiated by touch encounters and usually involve one enemy, although rarely you get to fight two of them. In the forest area, between the first encounter and the first boss, the number of enemies available to encounter appears to be random. In one of my gameplays, I actually found no enemies to fight whatsoever.

It is designed like that :). I've explained most things about the encounter system in the last nutshells blog. But duh, we didn't explain how the encounter work back then... Sorry :(. And yep, albeit the contact isn't random, enemy appearance are.

I didn’t find Lyka’s Shockwave special skill particularly useful since it didn’t seem to do more damage to enemies than a regular attack. Also, I wasn’t able to figure what area it targeted since it only said in its description “Linear Attack” which could mean that it targets either columns or rows and there was no visual feedback, in the form of, for example, colored squares in the enemy’s grid.

Shockwave pierces through frontlines regardless, albeit usual attacks follow that rule. That's why it's relatively weak. But we've streghtened Shockwave, though. Help for targeted area... Maybe we'll work more about it...

The CA demo uses mostly RTP graphics. The clear exceptions are the sprites of the main characters, their battlers and those of the enemies. The sprites of the main characters, while cute, seem out of place when compared with the RTP sprites. The battlers, while relatively simple, are quite nice looking. I found the forest to have areas that were too straight and thus didn’t feel natural.

The other sprites were still in production... :P We are currently replacing NPC sprites to be our customs. And the maps have been revamped since the demo.

- An option to return to the title screen should be included in the main menu.
- If you return back to town, you can’t return to the forest at all.
- I found a bug in the demo. After causing the first boss to run away for a second time, if you follow the direction towards where it ran away, you can fight it a couple of times after which you supposedly defeat it, which wasn’t true. You can only defeat it if you follow the other path.

Those had been addressed. Rest assured ;)

- The game when running in fullscreen has a 16:9 aspect ratio leaving vertical bars below and above the gameplay area, giving it a cinematic feel. When I tried to run it in windowed mode, I found out that it wasn’t a practical option because, for some reason, there was a white rectangle that was always on top that obscured more than half of my computer screen.

Sounds like your monitor wasn't in 16:9 aspect ratio. The game is designed to optimize widescreen resolution, especially with widescreen monitors. With Ace's default fullscreen mode (Alt + F4), the game got horribly stretched in widescreen monitors... Such disgrace :(. Thank goodness that the used fullscreen is working nice :)

- You currently only gain experience from battles. Getting some drops should be a given.

Of course, by logic, enemies don't bring some cash with them. The drops are waiting for the weapon upgrade system too.

The next demo, near future and we hope it will be available in this year, will address those issues and will expand more. And thank you for playing :)

Touhou - Wandering Souls Review

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! No 100%-ing! It was a nightmare! Equivalent to playing Dark Souls! Please, no more ;(

I do understand that it doesn't have its own custom graphics since it will be a very hell to make all of them except you have a big team to make them. But maybe for a sequel or spiritual successor...? ;) Yeah, the game is pretty worthy for a sequel or spiritual successor with custom graphics (*runsaway).

I'm actually pretty surprised for the game to run smoothly with that large amount of bullets. Maybe RPG Maker really does hold more potential than what this game can do...?

Reaper Review

Yeah, this game deserves a worthy remake. Maybe with a more non-linear progression. Non-linear progression is important for adventure games to me.

I'm looking forward for the remake :)
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