Tristian: Lady of the Lion

This game's artwork is far more refined than Enelysion, no offense. I haven't played the demo. Still, is there anything in the gameplay that distinguishes this Eridanus to Enelysion?

Chapter Selection...

Now this reminds me Live A Live more...

Cruna Aktrid

Doesn't look anything weird since the one in this place is still the same old one. Yeah, the current one still only have the gameplay to that point only.

With fullspeed towards the full version!

If I may ask, can you upload those images in a more common image hosting site, like, imgur? It shows nothing in my browser.

And yeah, pretty much preferable to watch a preview.

Cruna Aktrid

Thanks for the feedback, shayoko, although most of them had been fixed by this time...

Talk about this November... Well, this IS still November! Damn, AA is such a poison to make me laze off... Err... More details at the blog...

Fixed, but what to do?

I know, after being blown by something as devastating as that... But still, be consistent. Finish what you've started first, Jenn. There's always time to remake, but not to finish it!

Ark - Of Light and Darkness v1.1a

186 MBs... Dang, I can only download it on morning :(

Rechecking on morning...


MC is designed to represent you in the game, so the best to keep his face not drawn / censored, like those visual novels :P


The boss is indeed in 3 parts. The parts, obviously, act as one.