Cruna Aktrid

... How did you de-fullscreen the game, may I ask? The game uses a script to have a different fullscreening method, rather than using the default fullscreen (Screen stretching bugs me). Have I written about the fullscreen in the readme in the last demo? Fullscreening and un-fullscreening in this game uses F5, rather than the usual alt+enter.

About windowing / fullscreening, I've made it to be toggleable via option. So don't sweat about which button will do for it.

Cruna Aktrid

The next demo features story skipping (you'll be able to fast forward almost any event in the game!).

And the turn order... I've thought of that many times, but I'd say I have to drop that... I can't give too much power on that. Plus, it can be pretty hard to implement one presentation-wise. I want the player to read the enemy, and vice versa. I want to give both of them the same level of information available! The enemy, in programming case, commands first. They can only guess based on the situation. I want the players to be like that too. But giving the turn order early break that purpose. I can make enemies' turn shown after the done command is selected, but that's pretty tasking.

And about speed altering, not only speed-increasing stuffs, but speed-decreasing stuff as well. The next demo probably won't feature that yet (learning curve here). But I can't let it not in the full game since speed is the key to know the gap of turns between enemies and allies. I'm sure that in some cases, being slower is better.

Cruna Aktrid

You can assume that the sound effects and the battle theme are temporary (*cough*theSFXsarerippedstraightfromsubterraneananimism*cough*). The game already had it's own original battle theme, though ;)
And the tutorials have been refined too. ... Talk about the demo's progress... Oh man, gotta rush for drawing the bosses' spritesets! But with the crews are in mid exam and me being horded with university stuff... No, this game will have the next demo at November.

Thanks for subbing :) Please stay tuned!


It's preferable for the characters to have shadows... It can be hard to know where the characters are standing without it.

LandTraveller Multiplayer Walking Test

Now it reminds me of Chantelise... The game uses sprites for Lise that her attacks' hitbox gets ambiguous! To note, Chantelise is similar to your game here, 2D sprites for 3D environment and gameplay.

Just... keep it in mind?

Cruna Aktrid

The thing is, the composer, back then, was a schoolmate of mine. It wasn't sent via PM or somekind...

Change log and download errors.

... you have the point there... The game is encrypted. I forgot :(
Uploading only the encrypted data (not the audio AGAIN!) can help.

Change log and download errors.

... Redownload that much MBs again? Will there be a lighter patch or something? My poor internet quota :(


Ugh, keyboard keys. I may not in place to complain about this, but most RM developers really forget controller support :(

It's not nice to force people playing solely with keyboard only when it's possible...