Nutshells: Guarding

I played too much Monster Hunter games and its clones (God Eater, PSO2, etc) :P. Guarding proves to be butt-saving in most cases in action games. In PSO2, just-guarding and parrying saved my character so many times, as it nullifies any cost!

In most turn based RPGs, defense / guard command feels like only a mere addition. Only halving the damage for yourself while sacrificing your turn doesn't feel worth it in most cases. So yeah, that's why Cruna Aktrid's guarding works like that.

RMN Steam group / VX Ace Giveaway #4

Joined. I'm using an avatar of a sunglasses guy with green hat.

But probably won't be on often, since I probably waste my time with my 3DS instead...

Cruna Aktrid

Very yes, english is not me and my team's first language. I even didn't pay full attention in english classes at school... :(

About the story, I promise that there's more than that. The story focuses upon absurdity and process, I think. I'll replace the 'summary' above sooner or later anyway, to reflect more of the story in overall. And to tell the truth, the story itself is not the main focus :p the game mainly focus in gameplay.

Cruna Aktrid

The game's title is in a language of Ashen's tribe :)

Open below if you want to know the source of "Cruna Aktrid", but it may break your fun. To note, the title doesn't relate to any object in the game :P
Xan language is actually from scrambled Indonesian words. Iap Baol, for example, actually Bola Api, means fireball. Cruna is from word racun, and aktrid is from word takdir. Literally, the title, Cruna Aktrid, means Racun Takdir (Fate Poison). Scrambling the letters to be cooler is fun, by the way :P

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate Review

Yeah, as pointed by TheBadMan, the review didn't give other factors, other than story and characters, any chance at all. Not to mention any mention in there. Is there any reason that the gameplay and other factors were not counted here?

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Are the bosses that hard for casual players? :o I've heard that new players of super mario bros. (NES) nowadays barely clear stage 1-1. But this game's bosses...? I admit they're challenging, but that hard? I don't believe it :o What in the world has happened to gaming nowadays...?

Nutshells: ST/SR/SP

No, it will recover regardless by the end of turn, except fallen unconscious. Or have I made it won't recover while KO?

Nutshells: ST/SR/SP

I did mention that it doesn't apply yet in the current demo. Or did my wording wrong? If I did, sorry for the confusion :(

The current demo items still cost merely 2 AP. But future releases will cost 5 AP or more. Waiting means by end of cycle (turn), but ST/SR/SP recovers too slightly by that way.

Nutshells: Encounters

Nope, no plants fightable yet in the demo.

Cruna Aktrid

wltr3565, congratulations on having your game Spotlighted on! Wow, it only took me 8 months to review your game. :D

Yeah, as I open RMN's homepage, I never expected this game to be one... I'm speechless.

I thank everyone that Cruna Aktrid got Spotlighted. For the entire team, we have still a long way to go. My team can't hold back now :)