Cancelling this PROJECT!!!!

Ukh, that's sad... Are there no back ups, like, inside your flashdisk or some sort? Online?

I don't know what do say... But... hang in there...

[VIDEO] 2 minutes from the upcoming NUMINA Demo

Too bad, I'd prefer to watch a mini trailer with true bits of gameplay than a 2 minute footage that barely shows gameplay :(

Just saying.

[VIDEO] 2 minutes from the upcoming NUMINA Demo

No combat...!? Hey... Or is this game designed to have no combat at all?

Changes to Game

It's been so long since your last update, and you've been rehashing the game to a far better level with more determined personality. Very worth the wait!

However, her face there seems rather gloomy to me, in contrast to light-hearted mood of the last demo. Too realistic? I can't hate the other stuff of the art, though!

Nutshells: Ashen

Summoner Tsundere?

Anyway, gameplay wise, she looks like a red mage. Passable attack and both offensive and healing spells.

Among tsunderes, I can say that Ashen is rather collected. I can't stand unreasonable cliched anime tropes. She not always mad everytime she's taunted.

Thanks there :)

Preference on Dungeon Length

The latest game I played with dungeons is Bravely Default, and the dungeons are just as simple as the routes give. Barely any puzzles, but pretty fun to explore, to the least. Dungeons don't have to be complex.

The length and stuff depends on the feel you want on the game, but as a player myself, I don't want the dungeons to be too similar to one and another. A good variety is very welcome, like one dungeon is very simple, then the next one is filled with poisonous march. Oh, don't forget the enemies that reside in the dungeons. To me, variety is key.

A Sporadic Update

Duh... I've tried making XAS capable for (pseudo) pixel based movement... Works very damn well! One of the projects I'm participating in is using RMXP and uses XAS as the base battle engine. Yep, I sure did implemented the pseudo pixel movement. It got very fluid compared to its earlier ventures. You might think to implement one too.

I do see that the UI is intuitive enough. Personally, I'd prefer that the enemies' HP doesn't show up at all, only when I target them Tales of style. Key mappings doesn't have to be shown as well. It's purely my preference, afterall. Maybe you guys can consider an option to turn them off?

The end is... ended!

Okay, this is a very nice progress since the last news :D. I even forgot when was the last time you updated the game's progress.

Episode I nearing testing.

Linearity in exchange of story immersion... Yeah, the decision that made FFXIII such a flop in eyes of fans. Correct me right away if your opinion differ here. Making the game too linear isn't a cheap price to pay, you know? I'd prefer my freedom to goof off still intact, at least, backtracking.

It it's for top notch experience of reading playing, we'll wait for it :)

Attempting to create a skill merge system...

Skill fusion...? Well, maybe not bad, but... Good luck. The execution might be awry.