Musing and Progress 2/13/2014

J-Man's idea isn't bad. Why not post the image in the images page aswell?

Musing and Progress 2/13/2014

I'll only question Remiel (from the 2nd screenshot)'s portrait. His style is quite different from the others, bearing barely contrast visible outlines. Is there anything particular about it? Just a matter of consistency.

Beach Scenery Simulator 2014

Those empty enemies really made the scenery is like from a Beach Scenery Simulator game, numfank

Brain Overdrive

You're not alone there, yuna21. I prefer low numbers, even as small as Kingdom Hearts 1 (Sora's HP are around 18 in level 1. In KH II his biggest Max HP is 120, first time playing is 20, attainable only by unlocking. Can you imagine? A 21st century's Action RPG still use very low numbers?)! I don't like those 5 digits like in MMOs. Honestly, number digits are purely a matter of preference. They do give different feels, though.

Talk about low numbers, one of the reasons I LOVE Phantasy Star Online 2 is that the game still keeps low numbers like the good ol' days, not following the (free to play) MMO trend. 1000+ Max HP is considered ultimately high for the game :O. The bosses, though, do hold up millions of damage in contrast of the players.

Those ideas of yours isn't that hard to script, At least, for me :P Special for that side effect thing, I'm not a fan of that stuff :( I prefer things simple. It's okay if that one is really designed to have the side effect, but, not generally. That'll be a hassle.

Talk about side effects of potion drinking, it reminds me of a skill from a Touhou fighting game. A certain bunny-eared character can chug up potions to buff herself up. Chug too much and she'll explode, literally. She's not hurt, however.

Progress Report XVIII: Detailing Ghembo's prowess and more.

That's what I intended. The gist is the Chaos Sniper is where he aims carefully then bring chaos in one shot. Silent Assaulter is where he silently and quickly eliminates one target in a flurry of shots.

I'm sure that I've balanced the game in the latest patch, and the simple shadows is the default setting. And if you mean I should eliminate the shadows for good, I'd say no. I mean, look at this:

See the difference? Their position will be biased with the lack of indicator of where they are: shadows! The shadows in this game is 10% eye candy; It needs shadows more than one can imagine. Will it be easy to play

without any hint of shadows below them?

Google Translate. What do you expect?

And thanks :).

Found a Composer!

Congrats for have found a composer! But that's just the start of the two of you. There's still more to come, there.