Various Updates

Ah, the Genesis era, and even the Sega CD! You really paid attention to those classic details. The days when Sega was still "This may not work, but what the hell".

Don't worry, we still can wait. Just make our wait worth it, okay? ;)

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to you too, yuna21. Really, can't stop thinking indieszero's style (Theathrythm) from looking that pic.

We dead, Well Kind Of

Aww... I don't want this game to die! :( (*waitsimpatientlyforrevival*)

Pretty things and world maps

To me, Awakening's art style is good (I'm used to unique styles akin to No More Heroes, so... XD). I do understand that you prefer the older FE games, but please... not the NES ones... For an extra, why not have their portraits animated like those FE games? (*Psst,afriendofminehasmadeananimatedportraitscript*) FE portraits do the best justice when animated!

Crafting system and different portraits for different class, huh... No and no. The first one is better if you plan it from the start. I suggest to not implement it too, or at least, make it distinct compared to Enelysion. The second one, I just simply don't recommend it. Is it okay for that? Not only you have to provide the portraits, but you must adapt the portraits at the moment they wear the class, too! I'm fine with it, just consider your ability. Then again, the decision is in your hands, yuna.

The final demo has been released!

*sigh* So much to play, so little time. And I just got a fun untranslated smartphone game! Adding this to play list first so I don't forget.

1000th download! Yay!

Considering your decisions above, better to have vol. 2 as a different game / stand alone game by itself, and so the players don't have to play the vol. 1 first to enjoy the vol. 2. Save file import is a nice idea for this :P

Learning Curve is Fatal

The combat log exists, commenting every actions happened. And I think alphboar's visual cue is enough.

And by timing, if you move different characters in a row, they do it almost simultaneously. The charge should be evadeable.

Higher Difficulty? Insane, Lunatic, etc.

If we're talking about higher difficulty level... I'd appreciate it more if the difficulty setting affects the enemy's pattern / level design as well, not only the parameters. Only raising parameters is only a simple matter of adapting the parameters, not the player's strategy...

Progress Report - 11/19/13

Keep going there, Jenna!

But I don't see "enemies" in the report...

Progress Report XIV: Oh boy, now I can't just stand around.

Ironic, I'd say, since the composer put word "Death" in the song's title...