Padona Remade 8-23-2013

Now that you mentioned it... it becomes four times prettier.

Requesting Spell Animators

... I'm more to sprites than high-res CGs that of rtp animations. I have my hands full too. Sorry :P

Status Update 8-14-2013

Ditto the 2 above. Yeah, good to know that you're still working... We do worry about you (and this project) :(

Do you want more Astatine Adventures?

The best thing is to be able to play the game, NOW

Nutshells: Guarding

I played too much Monster Hunter games and its clones (God Eater, PSO2, etc) :P. Guarding proves to be butt-saving in most cases in action games. In PSO2, just-guarding and parrying saved my character so many times, as it nullifies any cost!

In most turn based RPGs, defense / guard command feels like only a mere addition. Only halving the damage for yourself while sacrificing your turn doesn't feel worth it in most cases. So yeah, that's why Cruna Aktrid's guarding works like that.

Nutshells: ST/SR/SP

No, it will recover regardless by the end of turn, except fallen unconscious. Or have I made it won't recover while KO?

Nutshells: ST/SR/SP

I did mention that it doesn't apply yet in the current demo. Or did my wording wrong? If I did, sorry for the confusion :(

The current demo items still cost merely 2 AP. But future releases will cost 5 AP or more. Waiting means by end of cycle (turn), but ST/SR/SP recovers too slightly by that way.

Nutshells: Encounters

Nope, no plants fightable yet in the demo.

Introducing: The Party Menu

Personally I don't like too large parties. Though with the huge cast for this game, this is more than welcome :)

Nutshells: Encounters

I don't think it's popular yet in Cruna Aktrid's world, let alone used for sneaking :p

Despite slight stealth elements, they are not the main focus. Just enough to make the enemies a little smarter.