The Demo, Random Thoughts

Oh yeah, are the bottom sprites WIP? They're pretty nice, having a style on their own :) Can't wait to see it walking true. And about battle system... You guys didn't use any existing ABS like XAS? ... Wow.

The Demo, Random Thoughts

To be honest, the screenshots doesn't look pretty pleasant :(. It looks cluttered thanks to lack of outlines between objects. Sprites included for the map. Or is it because of the broken color palette from uploading a png image... The RMXP icon doesnt seem to be in its usual colors.

And about voice acting, I actually like it :(. Kudos to the voice actors! But I agree, as you play games that lack voice acting, you just prefer without them, leaving the voices in your head alone...

Here Comes a New Character!

I do love his background here. He have my symphathy...

Talk about his combat performance, though, what will he mainly do in battle, anyway? SURVIVE doesn't tell much of the details. Is he defensive?

Back to Action!

4 hours for a demo... Personally, it can be better if it is kept minimal. Too much and the full content won't be as full ;) *ifyouknowwhatimean

Progress Report IX: Procrastination, procrastination.

Maybe at another blog update? I'll make sure I remember... Still so much things to do :P

Progress Report IX: Procrastination, procrastination.

When I have time I'll fix her movement... hahaha... :(

Demo Released

Yeh, you can't really progress any further than that, which marks the end of the demo. (You may want to go back to the Murasaki Residence though... ;D)

So I've finished the demo? It will be far nicer if there's a notice :( I thought it was a bug!

I plan to do more complicated patterns for later enemies and bosses. Right now, I feel like the enemies shouldn't be as smart at first because you know... this is the beginning of the game. XD

True. Seems that I judged too hastily :P I favor the enemy patterns while on map, however. It's rewarding to study them, after knowing how it works, that is.

If you can continue the intro stage, a battle tutorial will explain to you everything about the battle system (and different types of attacks!) I use and as to why charging is very important. But since you didn't really get to play the intro stage, you missed out on this, so I think this probably impacted your thoughts about the battle system.

Curse the intro bug :(

Demo Released

Okay, time to munch this and PSO2's SFX inside :D

I'd love to know a way to make this demo's progress playable for the other releases, especially written.

EDIT: Now that I got stuck, let me pour my thoughts here:
- 2 NPCs, a woman and a mustached man, are uninteractable, rendering me unable to continue the prolouge.
- That shield save point, reminds me Xenogears... :P
- About controls for running, I prefer running is available by button hold, not by one press mode switch. Is there any option for that, though? Able to run is very welcome, though.
- Seems the game holds peculiar mechanics as well. Charge charges Flow. It ought to be helpful if the players know about that before the first battle! What's more twisted is that the tutorial is initiated after fights, not before ANYTHING!!! At least there's an explanation, but I expect earlier explanation of basics!
- Good thing that I got to know about party leader lost is Game Over.
- I do wish that the tutorial crystals are more visible. I barely notice the first tutorial crystal in the truck. I thought it was smokes?
- The sprites, especially battle sprites, are loveable, at best. The attack animations, especially, although not really smooth, holds its own charm.
- I find it difficult to navigate who I control! With the chaos and party leader KO = Game Over thing, I got mixed with other party members. The best if I only control the party leader, avoiding chaos. Is this thing fixed to RM2k3's battle system? The battle system made me don't have time to appreciate the battle sprites, as well, with the chaos all over there... If it does, forget this part...
- To a plus, while enemy is acting, I can't move my cursor, hindering my reaction.
- Did I found that in EX Mode for Kain raised his ATB charge speed? It didn't happen to Juirl, however. Is it only available for Kain, or it hasn't been implemented yet for Juirl? Did I notice that Kain's HP decreases gradually in EX Mode as well? As I play further, seems that it's unique to Kain alone.
- I feel that enemies' tactics are rather shallow. They need more attention in attack patterns.
- To balance the chaos, healings are applied automatically for all party members... Hmm...
- The basic is to make sure Flow is enough to do... just, the most effective things
available. With Flow is set to 0 each start of any battle, seems it makes Charge too essential for survival. Not to mention the normal attack is very weak to near useless compared to other skills. Most of the tactics are just about to effectively use what's available.
- Now that I notice it... RARITY INDICATOR!? 4 Blocks and more are counted as uncommon (Green). One have to pick up what was dropped too. This game holds a good dose of Phantasy Star Online series' reference! Even that PSO2 item pick up SFX.
- Is the construct thing still in development? I have no idea of it's use. Or merely lacking available skills to construct?
- The presentation for the Bestiary is unique... I love it, seeing your victims encased like in museums.
- The characters hold interest well. The setting is crafted nicely, too.
- Actually, after knowing encountering basics, I like it. Before that, I'm perfectly clueless but contacting one will be an fight...
- So much Touhou tunes. No, I don't offend this, really :) Just... After knowing it, I cannot unhear it... I'm interested to know which Touhou albums you pick for the game :) No, more like, pretty much is from shmup games. I notice BGMs from Cave games.

The demo succeed to hold my favor. However, shouldn't the enemies' pattern gain more attention? I do found satisfactions from unleashing flashy moves, but should the enemies have more care about their defenses, pattern-wise?

Don't let us down here :)

EDIT2: Oh, about where I got stuck... After opening the door at the Kusanagi cave, there's a path further that teleported me back to where the door is.

Demo Soon!

That's around 1 day portion of internet. Acceptable for a demo :)
Remember to put out unnecessary things.

Demo Soon!

May we know the upcoming demo's size? Some countries like mine will writhe from large files do a dreadful internet limiter named quota :(