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But I'd rather to get a new episode :(

Progress Report VII: NOW I'M FREE!!! But bad news here.

In fact, game development is getting more attention these days in my country. But true, gam mak club in schools are ultra rare. The club itself in my own school is still about 3 years old in existence.

Demo Length

Demo is mainly to seek feedback. The best to give it as much as it can show the game's concept. That's... what I thought. I do think that it's not funny to release demos too often that it resembles more as episodic release.

Progress Report V: Yeah, school exams are over!!!

Nope, and there's no death in battle after all, only fall unconscious :p

It's part of the plot. I don't want that phoenix down flaw happen in this game.

Character Abilities Brainstorming Needed!

I prefer them as spell cards, if you know what I mean :D

Answering some questions.

Talk about large audio file sizes, ermm... what, wavs? I recommend ogg. For comparison, a 5 minute audio track of a WAV file can be around 22 MB, where it's OGG version just occupy around 4 MB. The BGMs are mostly MP3 as well. Better convert them as OGG. OGG supports looping in middle of the track in-game, to note.


Oh man, my quote from ChatBox :D

C'mon, you can't let us down here :) We're waiting! Especially bug fixing. Though, don't push yourself too much.

Progress Report IV: No way... School Exams is drawing very near.

About her clothes there, there's a reason for that, but telling it will be a great spoiler :P

Looking for Pixel/Sprite Artists.

Fixed format of 8 frames per action is am overkill to the spriters. I even doubt vanilla ware would do that hard. Why not use a more flexible format for the frames? ONe won't merely need 8 frames just to idle up and down, right

Plus, if the main concern is the difference of size between player characters and the enemies, why not resize them? I can understand that resizing will worsen the sprites, but its more efficient.

I want to help, but so many projects and exams are coming. I can't provide help for now. Well, good luck there.

Good News for the Future

It's good to know a plan for a sequel, but I'll be more than happy to know that the first game is satisfying.

Well, you know, thinking sequels before the first game completes is a destructive habit :( So much of my fellow developer friends had their projects never ending because too much ideas including sequels.

Just saying. I don't want this game to stop just because you think about the sequel first...