Progress Report II: Exams makes more nonsense!!!

Hmm... Around 10 including external members (not from the same school).

Demo is OUT

I'm bred with Monster Hunter-ish games and shmups. To not tell a function isn't fully wrong, It's true. But I do remember those games, Secret of Mana and Zelda, still give sufficient warnings. Maybe just as sudden as slow bullets that are shot without warning.

Yeah, too much Monster Hunter... :P

Demo is OUT

About encrypting the project, read the help file, RPG Maker VX Ace > Menu Bar. It contains sufficient information for encrypting the game.

Demo is OUT

For the guides, at least the most basic thing the thing can do. This game's Rod is the main example. It never hurts to tell the players what's the most basic thing the Rod will do. It only says "Shoots Fire Balls", which barely helps... "Trigger special switches" is more than enough. But I do appreciate the approach to let the players do things by themselves.

Well, the game still have a long way. The demo does show promise :). We're patiently waiting!

But really, is it okay to let the players view some files as confidential as concept arts? Just asking :P Concept arts might smell spoilers.

It's more like feedback than a review. And I do not want to assign a score (yet) since it's still not finished yet. I only want to score it when it's finished.

Demo is OUT

I cleared the demo. Now it's time to give a small review! No, to post this in the actual review page, it's rather unfair. I mean, the demo only shows the small portion of the game, not the entire product!

What I first see when extracting the game, I feel just a little weird that the files are not encrypted. It's okay if the game is designed to be open source though. I even see some (slightly) confidential files like concept arts. Even XAS' manual.

At the start, well, the our usual favorite intro: the protagonist, Tila, wakes up from her sleep. I don't find it as a problem, just to pinpoint it. After the gameplay starts? I tested the controls. Wow, you can slash around in someone's house? Not a big issue, again, but it's about manners. No wonder Tila's sister warned her about the pot there...

The control help, is barely helping. It helps for simple execution, but the entire tidbits of it is hardly explained. For example that the game does not explain that you can charge the Sword by holding the attack button. Another example is that the game barely explains what the weapons (and weird items like bombs) do. It should be explained! Worse, who knows that guarding needs shield to be equipped? The response for guarding is a little late too. Not to mention that the game does not explain how to execute the Spirit Move too, which needs the Spirit gauge to be full first. The worst part, is that there's a certain action limiter. I notice that in continuous mashing, the slashes gets lagged over quick succession of combos. Even though it's unnecessary to show the CT gauge (or what XAS call it), at least tell the players that the combos gets slower over use! It affects combat!

Now, let's talk about the actual combat. The first part is actually simple to grasp, where button mashing is acceptable. In fact, the enemies does some noticeable fightback, especially the green slime. But as I go further, I didn't notice any considerable variations of their patterns... Mash away, as I say.

The early puzzles is still considerably obvious, which I mean that it is practicably solvable. The latter parts, starts to be a blind experimenting. Mostly because the Rod's function is unexplained, I'm sure of this. This is where the weapons' functions needs to be explained clearly. There's some part that is better for the player to experiment, but the main basics are a must to be explained.

The dungeon designs are favorable. From the crawling, it gives me Ys vibe, go through ways, slash away mobs, find things that may or may not help me, with some puzzles intact, simple. But what is unfavorable that the paths are unclear. Who knows that behind the rocks is accessible for the next area? I almost get stuck there... Oh, Lazrius Forest is an exception. It's tedious... Too much ways and no variation. Ah, I just wish that the enemies that I beat won't spawn anymore, at least until I get back to some safe area.

The bosses, now they hold some issues. I find them bear loads of HP, to the point it's tedious! The game is fast paced, but I require a good 6 minutes of mashing?! Well, they do have some notable defenses that makes some mashing needs more planning. A little concerning is the difficulty curve between bosses, in sense of patterns. The first one lasers and shoots everywhere, harder to evade. The second one, mere mashing is enough, with barely working evasions. The third one, the phase where it curls down to invincibility is boring. What I concern the most is that their attacks barely give any warning. For long ranged shots is still fine. But where you need to get close and they can just shoot in multiple directions, it feels so sudden. The patterns are fun, but it will be better with considerable warnings, AND if I can do something to shorten the third boss' defensive curl... i want to mention the bullet attacks' hitbox. Fire, which yield a size around 1x1 square tile, but it hits me only by it's side, larger than it's seen. That's unfair...

What I found most problematic is the balance between weapons, skills, and items (especially bombs). I mean, there is! The sword is the strongest weapon useable in entire use compared to the others. Good range, quick succession of chaining, and damage where the DPS is better with normal attacks compared to its own long while charge attack. The bow? It pierces through, but too costly with the use of ammo. Rod? It ranges considerably, but too weak. Boomerang? Bears the similar issue of Rod. Fire? I better heal. Ray? I better heal. The cost to heal is pretty cheap, making attack skills comparatively expensive, especially when the SP does not recover without any use of items or special occurrence. The Spirit Move, the strongest DPS available, is too strong. It charges quickly as I mash through with my slashes! Charges quickly compared to Sword's charge attack, and it damages just so big too! I very like it when guard nullifies damages, but the misses are pretty often to the point of near-frustrating. The rate of miss is pretty often there, and no considerable difference between different targets. A funny and maddening thing to miss if the target does not move at all.

To point further, I like the interaction with some objects, noticeably trees. Wow, I can cut those to get some items! Throwing pots is priceless too. And yes, there's some writing issues like where I pick up the supplies at the start of the game, where it is set to middle, not bottom, and when I use a skill with my SP is insufficient, it says "No MP". The confirm SFX lagged a little. Learning skills barely obvious without seeing through the menu. Oh, the fatal part, is the save everywhere feature. Not that I despise this, but the fact that I can't access menu in boss fights is where it hurts. What I mean is that, isn't there any clear warning of a boss' existence? At least by that warning (save points, for example), I can prepare and SAVE before fighting them! The damage number pop ups are pretty confusing with the zooming and flashy movements.

Changing between characters, I find it unnecessary for now, as far as double HP stock and different palettes of equipment sets. Maybe the two of them needs more specialization, or the demo does not cover enough for a noticeable specialization? The changing process will be better if there's some flashy effect, IMO. And to change my arsenal in a sub menu is welcome, but there should be a better way like one button press...

One thing for sure, I find this game better than Korean "Action" RPGs. This game's combat is worth more than theirs. But of course, this game still has a long journey ahead to completion, a large room to improve things.

... Maybe I wrote too much? Those are all that I can say. I still have some hopes for this game ;)

Demo is OUT

What kind of issues, if may I ask? The best if the issues are addressed as openly as in the comments IMO.

179 MB sounds hurting. Gotta need a whole night to finish. Oh well, least I can taste some :)

Status Report

I do have a spawner script from my own project, but the use of events are very dominant...

When I do have the time, I'll send them via PM. But you can't really expect much. I'm pretty occupied :(

Status Report

So, you need an enemy cloner and teleporting which is, like, in a zip, in case of evasion?

I might be able to help you when I do have time. I can make both, depending on your needs.


Say hurray if this hints either a sequel or an expansion pack!!!