A Journey's End Gameplay Footage

Oh, still an early footage. Some button mashing in early progress of gameplay is still okay. I thought you forgot to add quality enemies. It does relieve me...

Good luck then :)

A Journey's End Gameplay Footage

But for an attack that actually hits but counts as miss in an Action game (RPG or not) is a bane for action players. :(

I do see the hit rate is pretty high though. I'll overlook the miss thing for a while... Maybe a different case if the game does play heavily on statistical tactics.

A Journey's End Gameplay Footage

MISS?!?!?! That's an absolute mistake to have a risk from RNG as bad as an accurately hitting attack to MISS in an Action RPG!!! :(

I beg you, remove, the miss rate. Except can you explain the reason to keep the miss rate?

I as well pity the powerless mobs there :( I hope you have some time for improvements there. Maybe it's still limited from merely what I watched, but it mostly consists button mashing. Attack mash, AoE attack, attack mash, AoE attack, heal, repeat. Sounds like many Korean action games' recipe. I'm just being honest... At least I want the mobs to have power too, enough for me to want to evade their attacks or at least guarding.

But to say, the attacks are flashy though, graphically. The video only consists some parts of gameplay right? I haven't seen any boss yet, or even the puzzles.

Please do the best for this game. I hate to see Korean stereotypes in this game :(
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