Befuddle Quest 4 Dead

The background has the zombie head from Plats vs. Zombies by PopCap Games! OMG!

The Hole

Trust me, i'm nine.
What's goatse?


Okay gonna remove that.


It's supposed to look that way, because they are older than you think

The Hole

I AM 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hole

Sorry if it seems confusing, i have a very complex mind for a nine year old.



Oh boy, a neko girl... At least, I -think- it's a girl.
Yeah, it's a girl. XD


Woah, this map is littered with mapping errors/ugliness.

First off, I'm not too sure that wood tile is meant to be used for a roof like that but, if it is, it certainly shouldn't be used as a one-tile edge around your interior mapping; save it for the outdoors because using it like this makes it looks terrible.

The bathroom (?) also looks really weird because of the single tile concrete to the left of the bath (?) - the way it has a border at the bottom suggests that the room ends there when it cleary does not. See how the tile works when it is hidden behind the curtain? It should be like for being hidden behind that wall, too! The same goes for all the carpet that has a border where it shouldn't. Maybe the wooden "roof" tile is adding to this ugliness a little...

There is too much clutter around the beds and I don't even think those beds look accessible given how they are at the moment - spread some of that stuff out a bit more.

Finally, why is the fire in its own little section? It won't heat the room properly like that. And steam is blowing into the room? The chimney should EXIT the building.

Thanks for the constuctive critiscim.