That's my favourite kaduki character.


1. There is a waterfall where there is no cliff
2. The dead tree overlaps the edge of the cliff
3. as stated before, the dead tree's shadow is pretty weird.


I'm guessing Tomika is the evil-general looking dude in the blue armor.

A Dust Tale

This looks great! Did you make those tiles, or frankentile/edit them?

The Hole

The teleports got messed up when I was "filtering" the file, but I thought the demo with fixed teleports was here.

The OTHER developer

I said I was 9 to the site, and it accepted me, so don't think there is minimum age of 13.

The OTHER developer

Uhhhhh........ Community status will be withdrawed, and Marrend, why don't you and I put together a team? Make this a custom game, since the best I can do is generated sprites. Custom music would be nice too. I'm also thinking about switching to Takentai ATB and maybe even recruiting a scripter. And what do you mean by you being the only legit developer? I put in my birth date and the site accepted me, and as far as I know, RPG Maker has no required age for distribution of non-commercial games.

Community Project!

It's .1% sci fi since if you visited earth during the time the game takes place you would find yourself on a hunk of rock resembling the moon. Also, Marrend, if you are saying all the complications,why don't you take the role of co-supervisor, co-lead designer, and co-produciton manager?

Edifice: The Old, Decrepit Version


Edifice: The Old, Decrepit Version

I see your point, dezz123. Hassling Craze won't make the game be released any faster.