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A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Interesting stuff with Flame. I'm 98% sure that is a bug, though I know when Rydia and myself were discussing Flames abilities at the start, we were talking about ideas like "what if Flame just doesn't listen to you and does random abilities??", kinda an inside joke since Flame in FFXIV 1.0 would sometimes do his own thing... >_> That being said I don't think we went that route at all with mime, unless Rydia programmed something in to be jankey intentionally.

Intargir we will look into.

As Karina being over powered late game... It's intentional, but so is the fact that you can basically break every character in the game to do stupid amount of damage or defense or whatever with the correct setup. Same goes with HP stacking. If you really want to have a lot of HP, we gave you the options to.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Hey, I'm glad for the most part you enjoyed the game :D Esp since it seems you are a big fan of the first 10 games. There are definitely some RPG maker limitations for sure... but we have tried our best to fix what we can.

Not sure when we will get around to it but we will keep in mind all of the things you mentioned.
- We changed names of a few places mid development, since we don't have the names as variables we had to change everything manually. We will look into changing them to the correct name.
- I thought we did have them all placed on the map at least as dots. Might not have the names but that's simple enough to add if I remember correctly. Will look into it.
- I know Rydia has gone through and added more things to steal, but will look into it if we need to add more. Might just be in a version of our files that we haven't released yet.
- AFAIK braver blade shouldn't be bugged. It takes quite a few battles to raise it again but you should be able to get points. Will look into it but I think you should still be able to stat it up currently. The save thing is a bit concerning, we will look into it as well, but it might just be an RPGmaker issue we can't fix unfortunately.

[RMVX ACE] Need some help with tilesets

I personally recommend not using auto tiles because they are really finicky and it takes a lot of time to get it to look right. I typically use A5 as a base and B-E as things that go over and just hand tile everything, I find it makes things easier if you are trying to do something specific.

That being said I am gonna try my best to explain some things with auto tiles since that seems to be what you are using. I made a quick set to kind of explain.

The example above shows an autotile set with a 1 pixel black boarder all around it. It looks fairly funky because on the edges because I failed to add the pixel on the mirroring boarder edges. RPG maker (at least ACE) seems to take a cut up the 64x64 square into 16 different 16x16 squares, and rearranges them to create the tiles shown.

If I were to add a pixel to the outside, it looks something more like this:

There are also some tricks you can do with the auto tiles like holding shift and dragging over stuff you already made then putting it down somewhere else. Doing that you can do stuff like this:

Changing the orientation of the lines will help you get a different look as well.

You just need to be aware what RPG maker will draw when you put down the tiles. just gets some getting used to it.

Sorry that explanation is probably terrible, but I'm in a hurry so I didn't have much time to think this out lol. Hopefully you find that at least remotely helpful.

Bug Reports

Cursor is laggy/slow to react on inventory screen/battle mode. Any ideas? Good game so far by the way! :)
fixed now somehow! thanks!

If you are in voice chat on Discord, the menus in our game seem to lag out (I heard pidgin also makes menus go slow) Not sure if there's any way for us to fix it however :/

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

You have to dash past when the spikes are down like the others you already went by. If you do not know how to dash, you can do so by pressing the X button on your controller, or the space button on your keyboard. You can also enable auto dash through the config menu.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Mielo Caverns are located South East of Aquaria. If your at Aquaria, travel east until you hit a land, then travel south around the coast till you find a dock.

There is also a world map, you can hit either Tab or Start on the world map to access it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sorry, we will not be adding any type of super wait feature. One of our earlier versions did have the wait feature as an option, however it caused a lot of unexpected issues with our battle system. We ultimately decided that we would not add this feature to our game.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

all I get is an error.

Could you elaborate on this error please?

Misaos and Fun Times in RPG Makers Animation Editor!

animation looks pretty smooth! and wait you're working on another fan game?!

Yes, we are indeed working on another fan game. This time it isn't going to be a pardoy/spoof, we are trying to make Final Fantasy worthy of the name. We got a long way to go, especially when it comes to mapping, but we have definitely been making progress on it.

The Winners of Misaos 2015

Congrats everyone~!

I’m very happy that Legend of Balance won some stuff!