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A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Bug Reports

Cursor is laggy/slow to react on inventory screen/battle mode. Any ideas? Good game so far by the way! :)
fixed now somehow! thanks!

If you are in voice chat on Discord, the menus in our game seem to lag out (I heard pidgin also makes menus go slow) Not sure if there's any way for us to fix it however :/


I wanted to ask where the bonus dungeon is or how to access it. And also, what saving after beating the game even does. Reading through the comments I thought it was a new game+ thing, but when I load it up it just brings up the ending screen.

edit - lol! just answered my own question. I use a controller to play and pushing any of the buttons didn't do anything. So I hit some keys on the keyboard and I think Enter was what it took to move on.

Yeah the uh newgame + is not the most intuitive thing in the world unfortunately :x glad you got it working!

And you can access the dungeon at Cutters Cry which is right outside of Emerald after finishing the game.


After the three sernos The king says to look for Chrys and says she can be any wheres.I can't find her? and where do I go after the 3 cerinos?? I got the ship now where do I go? I'm lost.

You go to a place called Mielo. If you are at Aquaria's Dock, go directly east and once you hit land, follow the coast south and you should find a dock.

Bug Reports

First of all, many thanks for this awesome game !

Just started, alas got a crash in the Western Forest when you have to save Jolteon's father from something or someone..

Karina said "Hang on" then I got this :
"Script 'krosk error' line 89: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant Audio::UTFSEXT"

Hey, there is a blog post about it. There is a general extraction error and you will need to download 6 files. We are going to update it so it does not crash when that happens, but people will still be getting annoying popups until they download the files.


Bug Reports

Thanks for the information, I know what file you were missing now. That is so odd... I guess it has something to do with extraction >_< sorry about that. I will keep an eye on it in case someone else has a problem there.

Bug Reports

I encountered this error:
"Script 'krosk error' line 89: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant Audio::UTFSEXT"
and because of it I can't continue.
It happened
a while after the Bahamut appeared from a Dimensional Rift, during I think the final battle when all of your friends appear to help.

I'd also like to say that it's a great game. One of the best RM games I played in fact :D Keep up the good work ^^

I'm looking into your audio issue right now, it probably has to do with the extraction of the game, but that is strange if you didn't have the problem until now.
Edit: Just a question,

Did you fight Bahamut yet? I'm trying to pin-point the spot your audio files are screwing up.

I'm not 100% sure if this will fix it but please try to download this small patch


Extract like you would any other patch, let me know if it fixes the issue.

Bug Reports

My game just crashed (error in the sideview script) when I tried to have Elysia attack while wielding the slingshot. Even the game doesn't know how to handle a slingshot firing arrows!

Silly Elysia, I told her she just needs to throw the slingshot at the enemy and then it's all good! Maybe my warrior advise of just throw it didn't help much, but that doesn't mean she should go around crashing games~

We will be sure to try and teach her how to use a slingshot properly so that does not happen again. Thanks for letting us know!


In which small village is Ashiee friend ?

Koen, next to the elders house.

Bug Reports


Oh that's no good, we will have a fix for that later tonight, thank you for letting us know!

Edit: Nvm if you read what I last wrote in the edit, I know whats going on. Thank you for letting us know!

Bug Reports

Orz, Rydia is not gonna be very happy about that one. We thought it was fixed (I got that error plenty of times myself through testing) I guess it is still broken. I'm sure Rydia is gonna work on the script later tonight to get it to work... we have also considered just disabling switching during battle as well since it has been a pretty persistent bug that keeps on happening. We will deal with that as soon as possible.
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