Final Fantasy: Legend of...
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I didn't know Fighter was a Moogle

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Shot you a PM with my email. I believe Rydia will be out for a few hours, so if you want the game working nowish you can feel free to email your save and I can try and get it working.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


I took a look at the patch and I believe the patch file 1.69 itself was the issue. If you didn't just download the patch let us know because we will probably have to take a further look at the situation in that case.

Updated the patch to match up with our 1.69 files, so hopefully it should work now :x.

Anyone with experience in looping OGGs?

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you need help with looping, had to loop a bunch of music for Legend of Balance.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Yeah, Rydia and myself are very excited to reach 5000, I'm more looking forward to 9000 if we get that far so I can bust out some Vegeta.

The next update wont include much since most of our attention is focused on the new game, but there will be a few things here and there.

(Oops deleted this on accident when I was editing something earlier)

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Whats fun now is that you can dye subligar's metallic colors. No metallic pink yet as far as I know, but the gold is pretty lovely.

This is my alternate characters glamour in FFXIV, my goal was to make it be as creepy as possible, though I think I would be better with a subligar.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Everyone should be able to wear everything!

And obviously the belly window is the best way to protect yourself from monsters that are trying to stab you and eat you, because skin is stronger than armor.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

They are easy to craft, but I think you need to be a 50 crafter of whatever glamour prism you need + mastercraft book to get it done. They are indeed a lot cheaper if you can craft them yourself or you can get someone else to craft them for you, or I guess join an FC with a bunch of glamour prisms in the company chest XD (my FC just has airship materials, gardening seeds and chocobo dyes).

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Also, my current best armour leaves much to be desired... >.<;

At least I'm cute. (showing off my cleavage again because there's very few protective clothes at my level that don't... and they're more magically protective)

But hey, at least my artisan clothes keep me covered... even if I'm missing pants and that hat is dorky as fuck and it's paper thin...

If you end up keeping with the game making it to level 50, you can do a quest that lets you use the glamour system so you can customize how your character looks aesthetically while keeping the stats of your current best stat armor. The glamour prisms(items you need to use the glamour system) cost about 3-5k on the market ward on my server though :x.

Anyway I'm currently playing Xenoblade Chronicles X... I'm not enjoying it as much as Xenoblade Chronicles but I'm not to far into the story yet. I'm hoping it will get better because I'm not digging it that much so far.

My biggest gripe with it so far is that you have to use the Wii U tablet pad to look at the map, and use features like fast travel, it totally takes me out of the game whenever I have to use it, I wish it was just something I could look at on my TV screen.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I wasn't really planning on writing a complete walkthrough because it would be a tremendous amount of work, since the game is over 30 hours long with sidequests. Instead, we've been trying to cover any places people are getting stuck or missing stuff in the FAQ section. There have also been a couple of Let's Plays of the game, though I don't know how many of them have been completed.

That said, if there's enough demand for a complete walkthrough, I can see if maybe there might be people interested on collaborating on one. I do know it's something a few people have asked for. :/
In all honesty, I was trying to make and translate a complete walkthrough guide for this game in Chinese so I can spread this game to over sea communities.

I completed a rough introduction to all the characters in Chinese. But I instantly gave up once I came to the realization that the game was 30 hours plus long, and I not only had to play through the whole thing again to compose a better guide, I had to put in sentence by sentence translations for fans overseas for them to understand the story and have a truly immersive experience.

And that was not even taking into account for the fact that I don't have any actual RTP so I could not just directly translate everything in the game, too! So it would be a massive word document with pictures and notations on everything since I am such a horrible perfectionist. Oh dear me.

Wow! Translating this into Chinese would be a huge undertaking, but I'm flattered you would even have considered it. I don't blame you for ditching the idea... though if you ever do consider translating it we could probably help you place it into the engine somehow maybe so its not just a text document (I'm not sure exactly how it would work so I won't promise you anything XD).

And if a video guide would help, I can also finish that... I got two videos through and stopped, I can probably start it up again and finish it if people want a full walkthrough via video.