Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Legend of Balance: Alternate Ending

The trigger doesn't work 100% of the time unfortunately like Kari said, I got it to trigger once out of the 5 times I tried to trigger it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

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5000 Download Special?

I'd be more than happy to send you the hi-res final boss sprites I'm using for FF 7 - FF 10, since my bonus dungeon goes up to FF X (but not beyond that). And I did vote for Legend of Balance in a number of categories as well, it's just an awesome game! :=)

We can take a look at the high res sprites you are talking about. I had to make a super Janky version of the FF3 Cloud of Darkness because there was none to get the 6 FF boss gauntlet going~ Though, both Rydia and Myself REALLY should start focusing a lot more of our attention towards the next FF fan game we are planning and not adding to gauntlet boss for this game <_>.

And thanks for the votes XD (I think I can say thanks? is that against some rules or something? idk). I would vote in the Misao thing but I doubt I can vote for myself (that would be kinda defeat the purpose of it I'm guessing, haha), and I haven't played any of the other games on there so I wouldn't be able to judge. I think the only game I've actually played on RMN has been Pom Gets WiFi because it had like 200k downloads and I wanted to see all the hype, haha. I would play some of the games on that nom list... but, I'm to busy having fun playing Metal Slug and killing Aliens in X-COM... and I'm trying to get around to playing Valkyria Chronicles as well! So many things to play~

Also I'm super excited to see almost 5k downloads! Thank you so much and I hope those who have downloaded it so far have enjoyed it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I just want to note that RPG makers animation editor is probably one of the biggest pieces of crap I have ever seen. It's usable yeah, but it is such a pain in the ass to do anything intricate that it's almost not worth the time to deal with it.

You could make the animation externally in photoshop or something and make it really good quality, but that would make the file sizes of the game worse then what it already is.

I made Southern Cross last min (we added the bonus dungeon rather quickly), and honestly I was having a hard time making it look halfway decent in the stupid editor... and I'm missing a lot of cool things that I wanted to add because it would have made the animation time 10 times longer >_<.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

i have play about 5 minutes i think i love it is like the original games thank you very much saludos from spain!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the first 5 minutes, hopefully you enjoy the rest!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

@ Varn
Well to be fair there's nothing to do in 14 at the moment, hopefully patch 3.1 will have some fun meaningful content.

And thank you :D I'm glad enjoyed the game. And yeah a lot of people say that Abelia is game-breaking, which is fine considering most characters you can make OP if you really wanted to. As far as making multiple parties like FF6, we were considering it at one point but there were multiple reasons on why we didn't, one being that we didn't want to force characters on people if they didn't feel like playing specific class (esp since 4 characters are optional).


I wanted to ask where the bonus dungeon is or how to access it. And also, what saving after beating the game even does. Reading through the comments I thought it was a new game+ thing, but when I load it up it just brings up the ending screen.

edit - lol! just answered my own question. I use a controller to play and pushing any of the buttons didn't do anything. So I hit some keys on the keyboard and I think Enter was what it took to move on.

Yeah the uh newgame + is not the most intuitive thing in the world unfortunately :x glad you got it working!

And you can access the dungeon at Cutters Cry which is right outside of Emerald after finishing the game.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Yep, that's all I had to do. Gonna be streaming the rest of the game on twitch (http://www.twitch.tv/rpgmakertv) in about an hour btw, it'd be cool if I could see you there.

I'll check it out while making sprites~

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Oh, there might be some dialogue issue there. Speak to Cid in Aquaria to continue the plot. He should be in the throne room.

And thank you very much for the kind words! I am glad you're having so much fun with the game. =)
He's not there actually. I can't find Cid either.

And no, thank you for finishing this project. There's very few completed Final Fantasy rpgmaker titles, and this is by far the only great one that I've played. Oh, and I say this as someone who finds FFXI and FFXIV boring.

You may actually need to talk to King Applesul at that point in the game if I'm remembering correctly. Try him :x hopefully that works out.

And I'm glad you are enjoying the game even though you find FFXI and FFXIV boring XD.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I can say that you can consider me a fanof that game even if you haven't released anything. I'm so weak for FF fangames, it's unbelievable. OTL

No info for a while! Well maybe this sprite is a little bit of info XD.

We probably wont have any info publicly for a while (like a games page and such), till we get a good amount of work done on a lot of the initial stuff, but we are indeed working on it .