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Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

That is a good suggestion, it would probably be something that you can toggle on and off in config. I know there are times when I don't want to deal with Oro, Doid or Aeths gear because I almost never use them outside of testing, but if it was a toggle that would probably be good :D

And as Rydia said, the way it was before all the testers and myself were using characters as cure batteries. Oro and Elysia were just there to heal my party between battles for a long time.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


Go to Koen, She's right next to the elder's house

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uh here is the original reason:

I asked Rydia to place it in there a long freaking time ago, it's kind of a joke from a long freaking time ago and it has to do with FFXI.

My friend Frostfire was working on his relic bow (Yoichinoyumi), but he was one of those players who was cheating, duping items in Salvage, and he got hit during the great Salvage Bans (the ban code being LM - 17). He was on his final stage of his relic, he turn in all his currency, and he was waiting on the quest to actually get the bow when he got banned.

There is an NPC in Ashieeton stage 4 that I almost completely forgot about named "Frostfire" and he has some base text put in there, about how LM - 17 stole his bow. It was mainly a placeholder for something that I was going to put in there, but never did because I forgot about it (its all miss-spelled and everything as well).

This morning I placed something in there to complete the quest, because I honestly just totally forgot about it. After the patch tonight there will be a little reward that you will get from giving the bow back to him.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Haha thank you with the comments about the remaps :D Some of them had to be done out of necessity ... since you got the chance to play the game in its original glory, you got to see what was once hot-mess fence town Memoria. No offense to Gradd since I believe it was his first time mapping anything, but a lot of those maps/houses were really really bad. I went in and edited the crap out of a lot of those maps to make them not look like a total mess but keep their original essence at the same time. I tried to keep some of Gradd's ideas in tact but they kinda disappeared over time. I think I kept one of Gradd's house outsides in tact... I wanted to keep the interiors in tact as well but I ended up remodeling all of them in the last hours of development, at least in that town.

just do all of the character sidequests, it doesn't need to be every sidequest in the entire game.

Ashiee's sidequest is definitely the most involved out of all of them, If you are missing any towns people, just talk Eden/Galka in Ashiee's town for more information on where to find them.

And yeah, the Bonus dungeon is meant to kick your ass, its not supposed to be easy.

Dark Ixion... there's 4 potential places that it pops, I will probably go ahead and place it in our FAQ's section.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

XD I'm glad you like the castle interior. I redid it, it's not the best but it was better then before!

Spoilers inside

A few things:
If you do enough of the sidequests and inn scenes, you will trigger an alternate (good) ending that will give Cassie a different fate.

You can interpret the relationship between Ashiee and Level however you would like, as friends, together, or whatever you want really. We didn't want to outright say anything, but it is implied there is a close relationship between the two. In the game Level was originally in Ashiee's old mercenary group, and he follows her after she ends up leaving. That is why you see him in all of her flashbacks, she has known him for a very long time.

If you watch all 3 Ashiee dream flashbacks (4 including Casiale's account)+ Ashiee's sidequest it will tell a short story, but you have to really piece everything together to get the full thing.... we were kinda going for the whole Shadow dreams thing with that XD.

As far as Azran >_> that's supposed to be a chocobo mask. It's an item you originally got in 1.0 if you did a bunch of chocobo escort missions. It was a super pain in the ass to get but Azran of course got one, and he wore it around everywhere.

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It should be under key items, it's not actually a bow that can be equiped.


I will edit it for that, just so you know the ones you are missing are that I can think of off the top of my head are:

Ithilsul(King Applesul)

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In desert this comes up,the battle goes on but without the backgound/battleback.
Resource Graphics/battlebacks17ff_psp_wasteland is missing.

This game is so great,just want to say that.Hope it never ends :) .
Seriously its easy to see how much work it really is behind a game like this.All spells,equipment and everything each character can do and so on.(the drops from the giants is really good and fun,makes me wonder what drops i can missed.Impressing.

Did you install the recent patch? One of our testers found that out a few days ago and we tried to patch it in. If you did we will need to take another look at it.

Also thank you :D we did put a lot of work into the game, we were hoping people would enjoy what we did when we finally released it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


Balance would buffing Samurai to 200% of its current power. At least according to Tanaka. :( Our Balance is defying the producers wishes.


It may be an eventing error, depending on Rydia's original intentions since Rydia added the event. I was always under the impression while testing that the pre-req to gaining Alexander was to find out about Ramuh in the present, but there is a switch in the past world event so maybe it is. Anyway, the past world event text really doesn't add that much to the whole Alexander quest line. I will go ahead and change the guide to reflect what is currently in our game, we will change it back if we decide that going to past world first is needed. Thanks for pointing that out!