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Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Interesting stuff with Flame. I'm 98% sure that is a bug, though I know when Rydia and myself were discussing Flames abilities at the start, we were talking about ideas like "what if Flame just doesn't listen to you and does random abilities??", kinda an inside joke since Flame in FFXIV 1.0 would sometimes do his own thing... >_> That being said I don't think we went that route at all with mime, unless Rydia programmed something in to be jankey intentionally.

Intargir we will look into.

As Karina being over powered late game... It's intentional, but so is the fact that you can basically break every character in the game to do stupid amount of damage or defense or whatever with the correct setup. Same goes with HP stacking. If you really want to have a lot of HP, we gave you the options to.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Hey, I'm glad for the most part you enjoyed the game :D Esp since it seems you are a big fan of the first 10 games. There are definitely some RPG maker limitations for sure... but we have tried our best to fix what we can.

Not sure when we will get around to it but we will keep in mind all of the things you mentioned.
- We changed names of a few places mid development, since we don't have the names as variables we had to change everything manually. We will look into changing them to the correct name.
- I thought we did have them all placed on the map at least as dots. Might not have the names but that's simple enough to add if I remember correctly. Will look into it.
- I know Rydia has gone through and added more things to steal, but will look into it if we need to add more. Might just be in a version of our files that we haven't released yet.
- AFAIK braver blade shouldn't be bugged. It takes quite a few battles to raise it again but you should be able to get points. Will look into it but I think you should still be able to stat it up currently. The save thing is a bit concerning, we will look into it as well, but it might just be an RPGmaker issue we can't fix unfortunately.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

You have to dash past when the spikes are down like the others you already went by. If you do not know how to dash, you can do so by pressing the X button on your controller, or the space button on your keyboard. You can also enable auto dash through the config menu.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Mielo Caverns are located South East of Aquaria. If your at Aquaria, travel east until you hit a land, then travel south around the coast till you find a dock.

There is also a world map, you can hit either Tab or Start on the world map to access it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sorry, we will not be adding any type of super wait feature. One of our earlier versions did have the wait feature as an option, however it caused a lot of unexpected issues with our battle system. We ultimately decided that we would not add this feature to our game.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

all I get is an error.

Could you elaborate on this error please?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Shot you a PM with my email. I believe Rydia will be out for a few hours, so if you want the game working nowish you can feel free to email your save and I can try and get it working.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


I took a look at the patch and I believe the patch file 1.69 itself was the issue. If you didn't just download the patch let us know because we will probably have to take a further look at the situation in that case.

Updated the patch to match up with our 1.69 files, so hopefully it should work now :x.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Yeah, Rydia and myself are very excited to reach 5000, I'm more looking forward to 9000 if we get that far so I can bust out some Vegeta.

The next update wont include much since most of our attention is focused on the new game, but there will be a few things here and there.

(Oops deleted this on accident when I was editing something earlier)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I wasn't really planning on writing a complete walkthrough because it would be a tremendous amount of work, since the game is over 30 hours long with sidequests. Instead, we've been trying to cover any places people are getting stuck or missing stuff in the FAQ section. There have also been a couple of Let's Plays of the game, though I don't know how many of them have been completed.

That said, if there's enough demand for a complete walkthrough, I can see if maybe there might be people interested on collaborating on one. I do know it's something a few people have asked for. :/
In all honesty, I was trying to make and translate a complete walkthrough guide for this game in Chinese so I can spread this game to over sea communities.

I completed a rough introduction to all the characters in Chinese. But I instantly gave up once I came to the realization that the game was 30 hours plus long, and I not only had to play through the whole thing again to compose a better guide, I had to put in sentence by sentence translations for fans overseas for them to understand the story and have a truly immersive experience.

And that was not even taking into account for the fact that I don't have any actual RTP so I could not just directly translate everything in the game, too! So it would be a massive word document with pictures and notations on everything since I am such a horrible perfectionist. Oh dear me.

Wow! Translating this into Chinese would be a huge undertaking, but I'm flattered you would even have considered it. I don't blame you for ditching the idea... though if you ever do consider translating it we could probably help you place it into the engine somehow maybe so its not just a text document (I'm not sure exactly how it would work so I won't promise you anything XD).

And if a video guide would help, I can also finish that... I got two videos through and stopped, I can probably start it up again and finish it if people want a full walkthrough via video.