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A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Its an island on the northwest corner of the map I believe, there should be a single house on it. If you walk to the northern most point on the island you should be able to obtain the lightbringer.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Glad you are liking the game :D Yeah the game is not exactly short, it's not super long but its probably a lot longer then a lot of RPG maker games.

The present is a Fire Charm. Off the top of my head I know you can find one in the Fire Shrine

As far as the letters go, I think the people you are missing are... Rachel, Taru Pervert, and Azran/Eden.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


Uhhh <_< hopefully I can remember it off the top of my head, it seems like you are going to the wrong place. You should be going to the town South East of Aquaria, not Volcano Town. its actually fairly close to Aquaria.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


I can probably come up with something today/tomorrow on our FAQ section. I'm glad you are enjoying the game so far :D

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

As far as the controls go, everyone who worked on this project/gave feedback on this project prior to releasing it on RPGmaker.net was a veteran PC MMO player (most of which have never touched an RPG maker game before). Based on their feedback, we decided to change it to a control scheme that was more conducive to most PC MMOs. (Though Enter should be Confirm/Interact and not menu, Menu should be Shift or I)

Map wise we did use a lot of the stock maps reskined/entrances, which when we started this project was not a huge deal since our original intended audience back when we started wasn't exactly people who played RPG maker games in general, but hindsight is 20/20, and by the time we actually decided to release it to a wider audience, the default maps were the least of our concern. Fixing all the maps at that point would have heavily extended the development time, and Rydia and myself both agreed that the time would be better spent fixing the story/fixing Gradd maps(don't ask)/fixing bugs/making another game with the stuff we learned from this one.

Rydia and I will look further into the controls to see if there is a way to make it so users can switch between default RPGmaker controls and standard PC controls in the in-game config, ideally that would be something we would like to do.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

FF LoB 1.62 Mirror has been Added to the downloads section
- Be aware this was added to Google Drive, and google drive has a fairly small bandwidth limit, so only use this link if you can't get the main download to work.


Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Trying it myself to see for myself if it works, but I'll upload it to google and put a mirror up.

Might just be a One Drive limit that we were not aware of... Or maybe its an ISP specific issue... do not know :/ I was just able to download a copy right now. Either way uploading now.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

it should be a + on the map

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


I was referring to stage three when I said those

"A mysterious woman was seen far to the west, but you may need to do something before you can find them" Refers to Anzu, she can be found in Sqeenix in the present in the inn, you happen to be able to get her before stage 3 town though.

"A good friend of Ashiee might be found in a small Village" Refers to Casiale. She is found in Koen next to the elder's house.

As far as the others in that stage
"A Bored Mithqote was looking for NM's to Hunt." Refers to Randy, who is sitting next to the hunters cabin

"A stange man has been seen in one of the Chocobo Forests of the world, apparently wanting to be alone" Refers to Odion, who is in a Chocobo forest next to Cecille.

"Some guy who doesn't seem to like the beach life and is sitting in an inn instead"
Refers to Fire Raven, who is Chilling in the inn at the Valkrum resort.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I could use some assistance in trying to find two people that I am recruiting for the town....
One clue mentions Mysterious woman far west. Not having any luck finding her. Another clue says small village, but which "small" village?

Mysterious woman is in Sqeenix in the present in the Inn. The other in in Koen nex to the elders house