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A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I just wanted to chime in and say thank you for making such a great game. I'm about 8 hours in, and am having a blast. This game is everything I love in an RPG. I will be making full review as soon as I complete the game!

A quick question, I'm stuck in the desert tower, unable to progress past the robot boss. I'm not sure if I have to wait out the Boss until our characters summon something to beat it, or if I actually have to fight it using electricity. Any help would be appreciated!

You run away from it (but fun fact, you can beat it, its just a super pain in the ass to do so so I don't suggest it).

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Yeah if you build your characters correctly, you can pull off some crazy numbers which is honestly intentional. If you end up playing on Hard Mode the Bonus Dungeon is pretty challenging, even with big numbers.

As far as Azran goes, I think you probably already talked to Eden at the bar and you just need to bring a visor to him to recruit him. Sent you a PM about it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

where do i find a replacement for azran ? .. and also how to get in to the cutter dungeon ? thank you this game is really addictive :(

Azran's replacement is Eden, shes a catgirl who is in the bar in Aquaria. Cutter's does not open up till after you complete the game, that is where the bonus dungeon is.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Reference Guide Added

Added the beginnings of a reference guide to the games page for those who are a bit more interested in some of the jokes/general things we reference throughout the course of the game. Of course everything is not added at this time, but at I will be adding to it quite frequently.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance


I defeated Sundi, got into Control Room and was told to go to go somewhere in southwestern continent, but can't find it. I really don't know where to go.


If I remember correctly....

Head to Koen, the small village on the southwest continent, and go to the house in the back and talk to the Elder inside.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

gotta go to a specific room on the castle. Try the roof

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Zero sleep, half way through the story of heavensward yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sorry if I'm not 100% understanding correctly, but are you having problems finding the NPCs in the moogle mail quest? If you need I can probably come up with a list of where they are, though it will probably be somewhat cryptic since it is talking about specific locations in town. Glad you are still playing :D

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Well I hope Rydia invites you to the linkshell, since I'm not in the free company <_< I think most of the characters in the game are actually in the linkshell so you can talk with all of us haha.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I beat the game, and saved my clear data, but if I try to load it all it says is. THE END. Is this a feature that's not been implemented, or just a bug on my end?

I saved on a different file, so until I know for sure. I'm just going to get to level 99.

I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed your game more than I enjoyed the actual franchise. The amount of content you guys have, and the overall smooth gameplay, and abundance of things to do. I would have payed to play this. I want to change servers, just so I can hangout with you guys after this.

If it wasn't extremely directed towards people who know about FF XIV. I would tell everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to play this.

I really want you guys to be featured. one of the best games I've played all year, and I don't mean on RPG Maker.

I could sit here, and gush over it for hours, but I kinda want to get to level 99.

To everyone that made this game happen. You have my sincerest thanks. You made an excellent game!

I just realized I can't leave the final dungeon... I only have 3 tents left, and I'm only level 72. Good thing I got that economizer!

As far as the end screen goes, when it says "The End", you need to press Enter on the keyboard to get it to do anything. For some reason the gamepad is screwed up there, we will probably make it easier to get to newgame +.

And thank you for all the encouragement! I am very glad you enjoyed our game.