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Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

@Swish It is understandable that the character development is somewhat... odd, but honestly it was hard to get around it with this specific premise of the game, which was a story of our game characters, and our game characters are all based on real people that we know. We added a lot of scenes in this version (optional scenes mind you, you can find them in the inns generally) to explain character development a bit more. Character development is actually a lot worse if you have only played version that was released a year ago through an obscure link on Rydia's youtube video, that game was really never ready for public consumption, which is the reason why we didn't post it anywhere else.

If Rydia and myself ever make a game again, we would not do character development this way, but we did not want to gut out the core of our current game to do that. We will say, we did a lot of rewriting and adjustments to the story to try and make our characters a lot more accessible to those who are not a part of the FFXI/FFXIV communities, but we do understand that it is not perfect. We tried our best with what we were working with.

As far as mismatched characters go, I'm assuming you are talking about using sprites from different versions of RPG maker (the small versus the big sprites). I understand it is probably somewhat jarring for people who are RPG maker veterans. We did it mainly because of the Tarutaru/Lalafell race from FF11 and FF14, since they are 1/3-1/4 the heights of the other races in the online games.

If it's the sprites/portraits though, that is all my fault. I tried to match the portraits to our actual characters the best that I could. The character portraits for the most part, are how they look like in FFXIV. I tried my best.

We will keep your feedback in mind for future games, thank you very much for it. Rydia and myself have talked about this topic a lot and if we do another game again we will most definitely do it another way.

Don't ever tell him that, it will go to his head.

I really love this fan-based Final Fantasy game! But I have a problem! I keep receiving a NameError message when I get to Cassie in the Palomton Mine! What can I do to fix it?

Ack, let us know if the patches we uploaded fix the issue, I have not seen this before. If not, we will get a fix up as soon as possible.

Edit: Actually I got past it while having the controller in and inputing the button there. Mind you, I had controller already in and could easily use keyboard while playing with no problem. Maybe there's some kind of issue with keyboard/controller thing for the QTE? I don't know. ?_?
We will look into this, we don't want people without a controller getting stuck at that point.
EDIT: I looked into this issue, the text "Space" does not reflect the actual keybind, it is "Enter" on the keyboard. We will go ahead and fix the text on that as soon as possible.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

truefully I did not get to play to second town because of this error question how many jobs do this game have and don't this page said the game is complete

We have around 18 jobs, we have 18 characters and they all have unique jobs classes. And this game is complete but however we are actively fixing any bugs and problems that people are experiencing. Sorry for your issues with the files >_<.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

sript krosk error line 89 name error uninitialized costant audio utfsext

All right, this happens to be due to a windows extraction error where our Japanese audio text file names are extracting as unicode, so the songs themselves are not downloading with the correct names. I found that having windows up to date and extracting with winrar will help that.

However, if you need a quick fix, I believe if you download the files individually. You should be able to keep playing the game.

Download these six files from the link:

Once downloaded, place the files in ffxivrpg > Audio > BGM

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

the game missing files

Missing files? Could you be more specific please?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Game has a good story, but the difficulty level jumps too high too fast. The creatures in the mine are 3-4 times more powerful than the other creatures at this time and they owned me waaaaay too fast.

There are upgrade your equipment at the shop in Palomton if you happened to miss them, I can see the mine being a bit challenging without going there first.

There are also options in config to adjust the monsters difficulty, make sure it isn't set to hard.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

EDIT:Now its working.I dont know what it was.Gonna be really fun to try this game out.

Extract failed,again and again? why?

I'm glad it is working now, I hope you enjoy it!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

It's not showing me any mirrors. Maybe it's just me.

Hmm, I will take a look and make sure that the mirror link under the Downloads tab works. In the meantime, I will send you a message with the link to the mirror, and if that does not work we will see what we can do!