Labyronia RPG 2

stuck with the rolling balls in the tunnel with the dwarf - have tried for 2 days now and still cannot get through - is there anyway around it as I do not wish to forgo doing the game due to my lack of ability

Legends Of Illarion

thanks I was trying to use him to help kill the love dragon- any hints on who to use for this dragon and hints for the wisdom, loyalty ones as these are they only ones I have not killed yet in the young gods- great game

Legends Of Illarion

Hi have a problem - I have Astral with all her skills but they do not show up when I am fighting- have tried equipping her with staffs/whips etc but to no avail- she is at level 80- can you help please or suggest what I need to get her to use all skills


Am trying to find all the medical people required to finish the Head Hunt mission - have found 3 but there must be more - can anyone tell me where to find them= thanks

Mystic Dawn

There seems to be a bug when you try to enter either the item shop or the arms shop in Kirel- message comes up "cannot open file objectb"- also the harmony.dll file is missing from this version


How do you use steam to get this game- I have an account but the game still shows up at full price

Saratorus - Between Light and Shadow

Are there any save points - I got defeated in the first dungeon and now have to start from the beginning again- is there are no way to save the game- okay found dragons for save points- but now cannot find hook shot in the 2nd dungeon

Demon Legacy

Help - I am stuck in the forest where you have to sneak past the guards - I cannot figure out how to get them distracted to be able to go over the bridge = I have got the beer for the guy and he gave me a torch but I cannot light it anywhere- many thanks

Romancing Walker

You will have to start from your previous save point and then talk to the innkeeper facing her from the front- not to the side or the game freezes- this should then work

Romancing Walker

Need some help - i have finished the scene in the Abyss and returned to Lavas but cannot enter the underground room- had no problem before going to the abyss- tried re- installing the game but still the same thing happens - any suggestions as I would like to finish the game- thanks- went back and now game is working - BUT can anyone tell me where to find the Holy Sword - it says in the castle but which one and where