Umbral Soul

Man it's been a while since I left a comment here, I'm really looking forward to playing the Ultimate edition. Please continue to take your time, it's best you enjoy your game as much as we will. I believe in ya man.

Umbral Soul

It's all good man, don't push yourself too hard, your health and well being comes first before a game. I hope things get better in terms of your job, wish you good luck with everything in general.

Umbral Soul

Been a while since I've been here to check on this game, how are things going man?

Umbral Soul

Pfft, nah that's not a dumb question at all. I've made a few updates during the game's rather lengthy lifetime so it's not surprising that you'd ask that. The version that's up now is the latest completed version that I've released, but I am currently working on a final update that fixes a lot of problems, upgrades some graphics and skills, and adds a boatload of additional content. The game's still perfectly playable as is, but once I've released the final update, it'll be the finely polished diamond I've always wanted it to be.

In fact, there's a new set of dlc animations for VX Ace I purchased recently that I'm using to remake some attacks to make them feel more impactful. If anyone thinks they'll be playing the same game when they replay the final version, they're in for a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the awesome compliment xxNjckk, and I hope you'll join me for the final version.

I know that you've updated the game, I'm confused since whenever I go to downloads it still says that 2017 and shows nothing about 2021

So idk if I'm missing something but I've downloaded both versions and neither have the Lanith Soul Stealing Kiss buff or anything else, but I think I'm just dumb and it's not in?

Anyway, yeah I'll be sticking around for when you finish your game and even your next one :D

Umbral Soul

I have yet to do a complete playthrough of Umbra soul yet, as situations in real life halted me from doing so, but I have to say, this is one of the most hard hitting, down to life games that I have ever played. You play games all the time and you never really connect to the characters, but in Umbra soul,I got personally and emotionally invested into it. WheelchairmanZero, you have truly made a great game and I appreciate the creativity you have brought to the thousands of us who have played your game.

Now I'm going to make myself sound completely dumb with this question. Is the Umbra Souls Dark Rebirth patch rtp included, the most up to date version? I'm sorry for being dumb lmfao I just want to make sure I'm playing the latest version xD
Edit: I'm mainly confused since you stated in a previous reply that you've made some changes and to me it sounded like you've pushed that update to the public and I don't see it when I play- Probably should've mentioned that since I'm confused here.
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