[RMMV] How to do a car chase with dodging

Ooooh. I was hoping to find something like this. Development hasn't started yet as the game idea is more story focused so I'm focused on the story aspect of the game. But other than that, looks pretty useful.

I wonder if I can apply them to MV though.

Prom Dreams: A High School Love Story

As someone who is making a horror video game themselves, I want to know the methods you used when writing out the plotlines and paths of your story-driven game. Like how you detailed your plot, side quests, dialogue, character development, etc.

I'm aware that the horror game I'm making would come out differently than yours. But some tips are always helpful. I'm curious if you can use one of the paths in the game as an example? That's up to you. If not, I'll stick to tips and tutorials that have helped you.

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

Your corrected map has a big right angle (editor) on the upper right (it's better to try to avoid them as it highlights the squareness of the RTP).

Sorry, but can you circle where you see it because I can't find the angle.

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

@ten_blue_egyptians @Gari Thanks for the advice. I didn't get a notification that you guys replied so I didn't know if I got a response, so I decided in the meantime to edit the map a bit.

But after seeing your response, I edit it further (note: the image is outdated but it close to what it is now.)

Also, I tried the shift method, while it works for some tiles, it didn't work for this one

the pictures look bland but as of typing this, I did added a bit more.

So here what it looks like in-game.

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

So I was recommended this thread after having my game denied. While things changed throughout the waiting time (gameplay and storywise a bit), I still inexperienced with mapping.

Although I do have a couple that I would consider decent. Also, the tileset is going to change after I have the good mapping of the game, I'm using the original tilesets as placeholders.

I considered this one decent because It's one the maps I have a very detailed idea of its purpose. it's kinda a tutorial of the game. it would show you how to use the flashlight, the items, the menu etc.

One thing I considered is having a table and desk, just so there be a place for the main character's laptop so it can explain the main character's motivation. but I did plan on making some sort of intro to the game so that might be scrapped.

It's also the one exception to my 'placeholder tilesets' rule. It's just the colours of it I'm keeping.


This one I also considered decent but with the only reason I have is that it looks a bit better in comparison to the next to maps. It looks bare but that's intentional because it's an abandoned ghost town.

Now onto the ones that I want to improve on.

This is the first map the player is dropped in after leaving the hotel room. I now realized how claustrophobic it somewhat looks, and it should be a bit bigger since my game would be a survival horror game with entities chasing after you.


While not the whole map, I do see a couple of problems, firstly is the claustrophobic issue again. secondly is how while I tried to make the map look less generic, I somewhat made it look more lively than it should when the area supposed to be abandoned.

I may be missing more issues. It's not all of the maps, it's just that the rest are too incomplete to show.

Edit: had to edit my post a bit because it was as messy as my mapping XD
text size is bigger because my eyesight is not the best.

Mapping in 5 easy steps

How do you do the carpet cutoff? I sen people do this with some of the maps and I cant never figure out how to make that work, so I just never bothered.

A Handy Dandy Stealth Tutorial! (With Events! Who doesn't love events?)

The tutorial seems useful but the images don't show up for me.

RTP Horror Sprites

Can you edit them/change them onto your own sprites?
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