[RMVX ACE] HUD Trouble Help

I'm making a HUD based on the player's decisions. If the player fails after 5 wrong decisions, it's a game over. Unfortunately, even though the HUD activates after I called the common event, when I do the wrong decisions, the HUD doesn't decrease. What's happening?

This is the common event

And this is when I try to call the script. The HUD appears, but it doesn't dicrease.

[RMVX ACE] Timed Choice for VX Ace?

Is there any way to make a timed choice selection with VX Ace? Either with event or script. I know there's already a script for this, but it's in MV only.

CSS Trouble

This might be the wrong section, but when I updated my game (with its css), the css is completely different or what I've submitted. I've changed the colors agains and again, but the colors I submitted for the first time remain and haven't changed. What happened?
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