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[DYNRPG] OpenGL Renderer & Video Options menu

I'm getting an error when opening RPG_RT.exe
Every time I open it it sends an error message saying "Plugin "system_opengl.dll" is not compatible with this version of DynRPG!"
I have tested this on a seperate computer to get the same error.
I believe to be using version 0.32 of DynRPG, do I need a different version?


I'm using 0.20 and it works fine


How does the @dynbattlechoices_next_action work? I currently have an event page set up to trigger 1x turns elapsed, with the comment command in it, so that I can keep track of the last action, skill, etc taken, but the command doesn't change any of the specified variables I set. I've read the source code and from what I understand the command should write to the variables I specified in the dynrpg settings, but they always remain unchanged.

Edit: Turns out test battling is buggy. I tried a battle in game and it worked, but I noticed it affects the ATB_Overhaul plugin. The battler's atb bar speed gets reset to the default speed.

It's been a while since I've tried using this and remember having the same problem with variables never being written.

[RM2K3] Question about pictures

If you check for hero location, you can check if the map has changed and react accordingly. To use the common event below, after teleporting simply show the name of the location using standard picture number (in the example below, I used 1) with 100% transparency. No need to call an event or any other action from the teleport event. And that's it.

The event itself checks to see if the map has changed, and if it has begin the fade in animation. It then checks two more times (each time after one second) and adjusts if the map has again changed. This way at most the showing of the name will be delayed 1.1 seconds. If you encounter lag within the game, you can increase the "Wait: 0.1 seconds" at the end to something longer. You can also increase the length of time the image stays on screen by adding more "Wait: 1.0 seconds" and conditional branches.

Also, if you're going to make a lot of text based pictures, I highly recommend the Picture Text Creator. Seriously.

I just went with Dyhalto's method since that's what I was basically planning on doing anyway. It's a bit more tedious but it works just fine. I'm also using the unofficial 2003 so I'm using the text plugin.

[RM2K3] Question about pictures

You're right. Because you're using common events, the Parallel Process continues even though you've changed maps. The only reason it doesn't visually show it continuing is because when you changed map, Picture:1 (or whichever number) only Showed at the very start, and the instructions thereafter are Move and Erase for a picture that doesn't exist in the new map.

The cleanest solution is to make an Event for each map and plop it in the same location (top left corner, bottom right corner, etc). Then all you have to do is make it a Parallel Process as normal, and turn it's own cancellation Switch ON at the very end of it's Picture shenanigans. That way if the player immediately exits, then when they come back, the Process will still be obligated to play. This method also keeps potential bugs localized to each map.

Really, the only advantage I can see to a Common Event is in case you want to change the fade and show timings of every single banner later on. That's not really worth the headache involved in adding a hundred conditional branches and switches to make sure everything plays properly though.

Okay, that sounds pretty much what I was planning on doing. Thanks for the clarification.

Are you using the Official RM2K3? You can just tie the transparency to a variable (starting at 100), negate or add to the variable, and use show picture command to update it constantly. Should carry over to the next map.

No, I'm using the 1.08 version.

[RM2K3] Question about pictures

Hi, so I recently implemented an event that shows the area name with a banner at the top left corner of the screen whenever you enter a new map. I have it set where the teleport event to a map with an applicable name has a switch that turns on, which activates a parallel process common event that handles the picture. The banner picture fades in, stays visible for a few seconds, and then fades out and erases itself while turning the switch off. That part works fine.

The problem I'm having is where if you enter a map while the banner fade in/out animation is still in progress and you immediately turn around and exit to the previous map, the banner does not show up at all since I'm assuming the parallel process for the banner is still finishing its execution from the map before. I think I have some ideas how to rectify this but I wanted to know if there's an easier way than having to create a separate event for every map. TIA.


Is there any way to get rid of the black box that the background leaves behind if you aren't using it?

[RM2K3] Question about pictures in battle

Ah, I see. Thanks for the advice. I actually ditched the bars idea because they hang around even when battle sub menus are opened, and it looks ugly.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Damn, the one thing I need right now isn't documented in DynRPG...

[RM2K3] Question about pictures in battle

This is for the non official version using the pics in battle patch. So I have some pictures being displayed during battle, namely bars under the ATB bars that show an additional resource system that I created. However, there's no way to erase those pictures until the game shifts back to the field from the battle scene. Is there any way at all to trigger events when all enemies are dead or something similar, or heck, even a better way would be some way to stop the bottom battle menu from disappearing when a battle ends?
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