A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

Thanks! That wasn't so hard. I was always having Gainer use snipe and EMP generator, and now I feel like an idiot.

A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

Hey, I'm really enjoying your game. I've played about 40 hours and it has some of the most interesting characters I've seen in a long time.

Also, any tips for the...
Shapeshifter boss in the green vein?
It keeps using its "eerie whistle" to put every status effect on all my characters and I can't find a way to counter it.

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

This game is really good!
And Eevee was always one of my favorite pokemon, so it's nice to see it starring in its own game for once.
I'm looking forward to the finished game.

Bug reports ( for Ver 1.2 )

It was a couple days ago, so I don't remember the exact error message, but in the Eos Temple West area in a room with two chests (one with the Eos stone item needed to progress) and one enemy, the game crashes every time I touched the enemy.
I was eventually able to get past by avoiding the enemy, grabbing the item, and running away before it could catch me.

Edit: I think someone already mentioned this. Sorry.


Ok, it seems like more enemies later on actually take damage from physical attacks. And I found a place where you can buy powerful permanent stat boosting items.

But I also found a game-breaking bug. I was exploring around on the monster hunt sidequest instead of advancing the story and ended up in the Ulaid forest. At the end before what seemed like a boss room there was a message saying something like "this will end volume 1." I tried to leave, but couldn't enter the valley again and am stuck.
Unfortunately I saved my game >_<


Ok, now I just have to hope that missing the sidequest doesn't have any bad effects like locking me out of the good ending or missing some ultimate equipment...
I found the secret shop and the very nice items for sale, and sold everything to get enough money to buy the Exp-boosting shield.


I have only played an hour or so (just made it to Ogham village).

I want to like this game, and it looks like a lot of love went into making it, but I just can't get past the terrible battles.
What sort of logic want into making the main character primarily a physical attacker/tank, then making at least half of the enemies completely immune to physical attacks? Then making enemy attacks do so much damage against you...
Maybe I am just overlooking some major gameplay element.

Anyway, I would suggest doing the following:
- Add elemental attacks for the main character with damage based on your Attack stat (Fire Slash, etc?)
- Either make magic/techs cost less or make Guarding recover much more MP
- Add more skill slots so you are able to keep a set of elemental attacks as well as a healing move or something
- Make enemy attacks do slightly less damage (one-shot kills in the first dungeon is too much) or give the player characters more HP/defense.

Sorry for all the complaints. I do think this will be a really fun game, once some balance issues are worked out.

I posted the last part after a ragequit from being wiped out by the Entite things in the forest several times in a row.
I grinded skills and levels a bit and it got a lot more manageable.
Also the story really seems to start picking up after the cave events. Looking forward to playing the rest now!

Also, supposing you sold the bomb fragment you get in the intro battle, is there a way to get another so you can complete the alchemist sidequest?

Beta 4.0 is live!

Thank you for fixing that!
But there seems to be another problem.
In the other downstairs area (on the right side of the cave), the pressure plate seems to do nothing when the rock is pushed on top of it. I assume it is supposed to open the nearby door.

Beta 4.0 is live!

I think I found a problem...
In the volcano dungeon when you go downstairs the first time to a puzzle where you have to unlock a door, then push a rock through the door, down a passage and on to a switch.
The rock won't go through the (open) door and I am stuck in the room.
Fortunately I saved outside the room.
Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug?

Sorry, I don't have a screenshot.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm

I enjoyed Legionwood 1 but so far this one is much better. The characters and story seem to be a lot better written and more interesting, and I like the Class system.

Anyway, it's nothing major and I apologize if someone else has pointed it out, but I noticed a few bugs.

First of all, if you switch someone besides Lionel as your party leader, his sprite will be replaced with that person's in cutscenes. Not sure if it always does this, but at the start of Chapter 2 I switched Aelia to the front of the party and there were two of her and no Lionel in cutscenes from then on.

In the dark castle area after entering the Eternal Gate, the right room has a chest that says "Got Swift Shoes" when you open it, but none were added to my inventory.

In the flashback at the start of Chapter 2, the hero gets called Lionel in one place no matter what you name him.

In the Ferrum catacombs, the final pressure plate makes no noise and gives no message, but works like it should anyway.

I'm looking forward to the next build!
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