Hi I am Yusolaifdfer or Call Me Tj Or Yuso Or Whatever... :P Well I am a noob rpg designer but i am a programmer basically and also do 3d designing. Please Download My Games Thanx For Comeing :D
Lol Whatsmore ?


help with yenfly engine melody 1.0m

whenever i use it in my project and creates any fight event it goes smoothly into battle mode , but there whenever my player attacks no matter how much is his level on 1HP decreases and just opposite with enemy whatever his attack power is he will attack very powerfully please help.

BTW Its RMVX, if you would like i can post screeshots.
Thanx in advaaaance

i want help for rpgmaker vx

i want some minigame for rpg maker vx and especially a mini-game like rapid key pressing
for example : A message comes on screen " Press Down Key 5 Times"
So the player is have to press Down Key 5 Times. Else, the game will over.

For RPG MAKER VX And If Any other mini games you know please tell , thanx :D

a noobish question , ( may delete it after solution :P)

how to search forums , if its available i want to search it so that if i had a problem i can refer :=)

is it possible to have more than 4 choices in rpg maker vx

is it possible to have more than 4 choices in rpg maker vx
and something like avatar creator or sim creator in sims

is it possible to have more than 4 choices in rpg maker vx

is it possible to have more than 4 choices in rpg maker vx
and something like avatar creator or like sim creator in the sims

ok, so a little help please

i submitted a game called Super Mario Galaxy PC sometime ago , it was a partnership project. I am on the RMN but my partner is not. So I Submitted the game myself giving all the main credits to him. It was okay till yesterday when i submitted a demo for the game and after sometime in NOTICE there was a notice called Your submission, Super Mario Galaxy PC, was accepted and is now available. And Now its saying
Your submission, Super Mario Galaxy PC, was denied. Reason was: "We do not accept games posted by proxy. The original author must submit the game themselves.".
I am not complaining anything may be ... may be its rule of here of RMN but i saw many games translated from other languages posted here.
seriously not complaining , just asking for information purpose.

i want to ask something maybe many of you know whats it , applies for rpg maker

simply i don't want negative comments,
well my player has potential to fill its health and MP in some time in simple words , i want my players HP to be filled in some time.

some help for vx needed

feeling great after coming back to rmn and i am up to something very big this time.
i want to know which is the coolest battle system for rmvx
ABS - Which One ? Download Link Please
Side View - Which One ? Download Link Please
Some Another - Which One ? Download Link Please

Day And Night In RPG MAKER VX

Day And Night In RPG MAKER VX is what i want , i want some thing like DNS But not clocked to real time as DNS Is clocked to real time , if theres a way to change it please tell me , or tell me . Heres a link to DNS


Please don't say like Google it out!
System i want is that can support DATE/TIME and Day with the months!
Thanx in Advance!


hello , without wasting time , i want that in RPG Tankentai 3.3d there would be a skill called jump and when the player select it certain MP is used and the player goes and jumps on the enemy's head
2 . What ATB
3. Is it possibe 8 Way Movement in RPG MAKER VX
4. Like old platformer game is it possibe that the more time i press the key the more up the player jumps
( through a commen event)
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