Hi I am Yusolaifdfer or Call Me Tj Or Yuso Or Whatever... :P Well I am a noob rpg designer but i am a programmer basically and also do 3d designing. Please Download My Games Thanx For Comeing :D
Lol Whatsmore ?


something new in RMVX , Help!

Hello , i want something like old RPG Games for example In screen i shows Right Arrow Player Presses The
Right Cursor Buttton Or if i say press 'Z' so player presses Z and the game continues and any other mini
games for RMVX, please help as fast as you can!
and please don't say like ' Google it out ,' if i could find it that way why would i ever post here?

Is it possible jumping attack , RMVX

If any body has played Yoshi island DS or Mario , they must know that the attack is like the mario
jumps on the head of enemy and the enemy dies , can this happen in RPG MAKER VX i think
it may be capable of this if any script or event codes will help,

Character Jump Buttons RMVX

hello , i want to know that how to make the player jump for instance if i press X,C Or S or any and the player
jumps at the direction he is facing like super mario bros games , platform type a help with good description will be perfect
thanx in AD

the ship prob. RMVX Help Needed a fast as you can

lets get in detail ... i have created a map with ocean tile in it , i want my player for example ship to move
on it normally.
(Yeah i know that theres a vehicle but when the vehicle moves on water it doesn't encounters random
enemies... help what can i do)
thanxxx in advance

Touch Player Move In RMVX

Hello ,
i want some help in RMVX , In Tileset A I Have Seen At The End Below two dragons
there are tiles like in Pokemon RPG Games (FIRE RED/RUBY/Emerald). So i want my player
to move that side when he come on it.
please also provide a link or something RMVX ABS .

A Lot Of Things To Ask - VX

Hello , i have written the post here because It Says Help & Requests
@ First , can someone please tell me choices of battle system in RPG MAKER VX Because the
default one is too boring , i don't know about you but i have worked with RPG MAKER 95. Even its battle
system is good (atleast for that time)
@ Some Mini-Games For RPG MAKER VX.
@ And Some Animal Characters , if some one can please
@ Tilesets For Inside Of Shops , i can't find them anywhere!
@ And If you have something special and unique please post it!

Mini Games in XP

Hey Guys I Would Be Really Thankful is some-one can provide me some mini game scripts for
rpg maker xp.
credit is sure!
-Kevils Entertainment
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