Besr Richard Slayer
Game designer, music composer, and pixel artist.

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Cope Island: Adrift
A paradise of self-improvement.



State of Affairs! Arf!

IF you do the dropbox method, I found it best to NOT work directly on dropbox version. I found it better to work offline then paste updates to dropbox after. Dropbox has eaten.progress for me before when working on a project directly on it. On phone so not sure if I conveyed what I wanted to say properly haha.

What type of help do ya need? I wouldn't mind flexing my musical abilities a bit but if you have that covered then don't worry about it haha.

Soma Union

Make this in Game Maker so I can play it on my damn Switch. >=(

Figure out an easy transition to that and I'll be game

Soma Union

FIRST! (in spirit)

Shutupandtakemymoney gif

Look super forward to this! Not much to say other than I will play this.

So, You like RpgMaker Games?

*Mario RPG sad song*

Oh, I see how it is.



Looking really good!

I'm an extreme disappointment

And you say you're "secretly dead inside"


I think they look really good! Fits well enough with the blue

Exile's Journey is now fully playable from start to finish!!! What's next?

I look forward to playing this!

Progress Report (August 2019)

Glad things are happening nontheless! Keep up the good work! Perhaps sometime your game will have a little music.

New Battle Animations Showcase

These are super good! That tornado is divine.