Besr Richard Slayer
Game designer, music composer, and pixel artist.

Avatar Credit: unity <3

Cope Island: Adrift
A paradise of self-improvement.



VX Ace tiles with meat!

frogge leaves this status very disappointed

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

The sky has fallen someone didn't love a unity game o: - ps WHY DID I NOT PLAY THIS YET (after demo)

I'm making a game called "Cope Island"

Legally you are now obligated to do this

Cope Island: good art edition

Three Ghostly Noses Review

Cool that this got reviewed. Frogge was especially creative as he didnt play Ghostly Roses for more than a few minutes haha. This is the pinnacle of secret santa gifts.

Also wait WHAT a new ghostly rose review as well? Awesome I'll check that out

HEY REDDIT ask me anything

i love dancing queen

at first i was afraid i was petrified

HEY REDDIT ask me anything

what does ama stand for?
a famous swedish pop band from the 70s

Where did you hide the bodies?

*links to Cope Island's steam page*

Heartbreak + Setbacks

My project was corrupted TWICE a couple months back. I never knew how fragile it all is. Back up like crazy. Never leave project open when you're not using it. Turn off pc when you're done.

The first corrupt I fixed in a few hours and second I lost nothing due to frantic backing up.

Hope you feel better soon boss man!

HEY REDDIT ask me anything

Oh this isn't my famous person alt account

Effective immediately I am giving Liberty a 15% pay raise

Sometimes I wish I could like me.

It's okay, Liberty likes you.

Ban Sooz for false promises.

how did you get into my private messages with Liberty