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[RMVX ACE] Extra water tileset animations.

Alright, now to explain this. On my game I've been using a lot of different water animations for one map. Such as cliffs go into water while still animated, etc. I ran out of space on the Water Tileset for any further and I do need a couple more still to "complete" the map.

My question is: is there any possible way to make it so I animate a sprite via custom move route event that's EXACTLY the same speed and cycle as the tileset animations? Sorry if there's an obvious tutorial for this that I missed somewhere. :S


Xenoblade Chronicles X

It comes out in two days. This is the most hyped I've been for a game in many years. The original Xenoblade was one of those games that blew my mind in every way and positively impacted every creative thing I did since. It's safe to say it's one of my all time favorite RPGS of all time. In my opinion, it's the huge modern RPG that captured the essence of the classic snes RPGS (that I hope we all love) the best.

I'm going in Xenoblade Chronicles X mostly blind. I watched a couple trailers at first and felt I did not need to see more than that. I heard it's a LOT bigger than Xenoblade, which is already mind boggling to me. I cannot be more hyped.

Anyone else gonna get this or plan to?


Hi everyone. I think it's about time I join here. I've been playing games since I was an infant and I've been working with RPG Maker for about 10 years now (though I'm now just getting good)

This site seems like a serious place to discuss game developing and getting your projects out there. Any advice for me to get started here?
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