'sup. Just an average guy that loves to hang out with friends, play games, laugh at stuff and simply have a good time.

How far will someone go for what they want?


It's been a while

'sup guys, it's zach. I quietly departed a few years ago due to personal issues involving friends, job and the like. Not sure if anyone remembers me, but it's good to be back! I missed being around the RPG Maker communities in general, and I notice a fair few new faces around, which is cool. I'd love to be able to reintegrate with everyone! I'll be sure to join the Discord soon as well :3

I'm also working on a new game in RPG Maker MV which I will post on here eventually once I get my first demo done; it's probably the most ambitious project I've ever worked on, and I'm very excited to see it through to completion! A couple people might have noticed that I deleted my previous games as well, as they are not up to my personal standards anymore, and to be honest, they look quite grimy looking back... so hopefully my latest endeavor in game-making is a bit more presentable and fun!

Overall, it's good to be back, and I hope to be able to chat and hang out with ya'll again <3

I had to lift a bunch of crap just now

Alright, so we're moving out in a couple days. I wake up, then I start taking crap from my attic.


I immediately realize how much shit we have. It takes me what feels like two hours to lift all these boxes down. I think there were like... 20-30. Each of them around 50-200+ pounds. The stuff below 100 wasn't any trouble, it was the heavy-duty stuff that REALLY tired me out.

I eventually got done, but that's not the point; I feel like I just had a really good workout, and my muscles feel really toned. I was tired as all hell, but it was really good for my system and whatnot.

You ever have those moments where you feel like you had exercise, but not quite? Post them here

'sup, peeps


Some of you might know me for my Illuminated Badassery series or that goofy guy that has made posts and whatnot on a couple other rpg maker communities. Thought I'd join here and get involved and whatnot.

I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here and I hope you all become accustomed to my presence here. :)

btw, I'm planning on posting IB3 here soon so I can make consistent updates and whatnot. I'd post the other two but I feel really kinda eeehh about them, and I'm going above and beyond with my current entry at a level I haven't done before. I feel a more polished game is more fitting for here than two mildly fun joke games with semi-addicting combat systems.
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