Defeat the vermin of the underworld with the help of a fire djinn.



Hub vs Adventure

The other extreme is the absolute point of no return, always going forward, rarely ever able to backtrack. RPGs (being exploration and progression based) doesn't always fully commit to this. The only RPG I can think of that commits to this idea is the RM game The Way.

My game does this. (°▽°)/

Zelda series - Would I like them?

I haven't really liked a Zelda since LttP on the SNES and maybe Phantom Hourglass on the DS. (the game that made me like Toon Link)

there's a reason that to this day, a lot of Zelda fans consider the N64 entries to be the best two of all time.
Because those were the games they played as children? :V

I have a sneaking suspicion suspect that one would have had to love Ocarina of Time 100% and to have beaten it in order to have even liked Majora's Mask on the N64.

I saw a youtube video recently explaining why the 3DS remake of MM is a downgrade in spite of the QoL improvements, but honestly, I wonder if the game is a train wreck regardless. The video made it sound like the whole reason MM was made was to milk the success of OoT. (although to its credit, it managed to succeed in doing that, and the result is probably far more memorable than what it would have been if it was simply a remixed version of OoT like was originally planned)

2021 Gaming Diary

I started Borderlands 2 and gave up near the very beginning. (BoomBewm kicked my ***) Apparently I suck at FPS and never knew it before? Currently playing Pre-Sequel, but I don't imagine I will be playing it for long seeing as I've given up on the first two games in short time.

Other updates
- I own Breath of the Wild and Three Houses but haven't started them yet.
- I own Bloodstained Ritual of the Night but I get fed up at having to sit through a full on blank white screen for like half a minute each time the game starts up. I can look partially away from the screen so it doesn't hurt my eyes as much, but I still find it generally triggering and assaultive.
- I decided to properly play the Dragon Quest 11 demo to the end. Of course I underestimated how long the demo was going to be. Ended up with a save file over 5 hours. I might get the full game at some point, not sure. It's nice to have a long game I can binge/grind in when I want to kill time or relax, and which isn't overly intense, but I already have Pokemon Shield for that purpose. (At least now I have something I can get if I'm ever done with Pokemon Shield.)
- Mario Odyssey marks the first 3D Mario I've sat down and properly beaten. Also, the game is amazing.

2020 gaming diary

I bought the expansion pass a few days ago and started Isle of Armor. My save file is at over 220 hours now. Loving it!

Before that I started Final Fantasy XII. Very repetitive game, and very dull but almost relaxing in a way. I've hit a point where I got stuck, so I might give up.

I also got Drill Land. (the game my avatar is from. Never thought it'd actually be localized!) But it hasn't really hooked me yet. I've only beaten a few levels so far.

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea, Bad Idea! I remember that! I actually was wondering why it hasn't become a meme..

Speaking of names, one time there was a character who shows up later in the game who ended up having the same name I gave my character. It was kind of confusing in conversations but also pretty darn funny. =P Although it made me wonder if games should take into account somehow, by renaming the other character behind your back, or by letting you know about it before finalizing your character. Maybe it isn't really needed, but it would be nifty to see a game go the extra mile like that.

Anyway as for the topic I may have to sit on it for a bit, as it's hard to come up with things to post where the good idea isn't just the absence of the bad idea, or vice versa. (e.g. "Good idea: not having microtransactions. Bad idea: Having microtransactions")

[Poll] Is Pokemon Growing Stale?

I just finished the postgame quest in Pokemon Shield and have over 220 hours logged in the game. So I'm gonna have to say no. Especially since this entry is heads and shoulders above all the titles that came before. If that's what getting stale means, them more series should do it. =P

What are Some of the Worst Movie Sequels of All Time?

I was bored by Batman & Robin even as a kid. Like, why was there smoke everywhere? I couldn't figure out if they were on the streets of Gotham or in some kind of basement or warehouse with a broken valve somewhere.
It was also tedious watching Robin and Batman arguing with each other all the time. When they started actually fighting each other, despite Poison Ivy being right there, what little likability they had left went out the window.
Bane was an incredibly dumb villain even by kid standards. Mr. Freeze was also. Nothing made sense. I think I started to tune out not even halfway through the movie.

And this is coming from someone who thinks bat credit card was kinda funny. :p

edit: What about Spider-Man 3? It was my first time watching it this year, but I could not even get through it.
After all the memes and such I thought it would be "so bad it's good". It isn't. It's just really, really boring.
On the bright side, its badness was almost educational. The scene at the french restaurant (when Peter was about to propose) was more entertaining than the rest of the movie. The fact of that really interested me. Really turns on its head what one would conventionally think makes a good movie, or if nothing else, I guess I'm personally just more into that kind of scene as opposed to action scenes.

What are Some of the Worst Movie Sequels of All Time?

Personally, I thought The Last Jedi was really good... :c

edit: Batman & Robin
Unless this thread is only referring to the second film in a franchise.
And if direct to video sequels count, then Tarzan II.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm trying to get into FE but it's a lot of stress deciding the right difficulty as the choice could make or break the experience.

It also appears that most games in the series do not even have grinding which is kind of disappointing. Because without it the game basically a glorified Advance Wars without really much point in having a leveling system. At the very least it forces me to research which games are the exception, from what I understand Awakening is one, Birthright is another. I forget whether Echoes is. I didn't research Three Houses but I figure there must be some way to upgrade or tailor units in between missions or else what's the point of having a classroom.

I already bought Birthright and planned to get the others but maybe I should bail. I should wait until if and when I beat Birthright and decide then if I still want to bother with the other titles in the series.

Is it okay to use music from other games?

Thesacredlobo - This topic is from years ago. I already bought VX Ace long ago and worked on a few things. Tried making a WW1 themed game but later changed to a card based game named Aladdin. After a while I was worried it would never get done so I decided to just submit it. This year in fact. You can check the game out if you want. And yes, the music is immoral.