Defeat the vermin of the underworld with the help of a fire djinn.


[RMVX ACE] gun-based combat system (WW1)

I'm still waiting on grid paper, but I decided to get started on my combat system in the meantime. I created three characters and slapped a few enemies onto a sample map.

I need it so attacking consumes ammo. I thought of two versions:
a) Attacking uses up MP (MP would be renamed to something else) and this would represent ammunition
b) Attacking consumes ammo in the form of items.

B seems more favorable at the moment, so I created an item called "Rifle round" and created a treasure chest with 99 of them. I gave the item the animation 36: Bodyslam which does a pretty good job at representing a gunshot. (unfortunately, I haven't yet seen any other animations that are good for this. This may be a problem if I decide to have a variety of weapons)

I gave the item this damage formula:
a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2

Right now though my question is: How to change the order of the commands in battle? I want it so Items appear first.

I also need to get rid of the option to attack. In other words I want Item to replace Attack.

[RMVX ACE] Making steal realistic?

I am having this trouble with putting steal in my game. Because if you beat the enemy then what was the point of stealing from him during the fight? For example if you beat me unconscioius, why not just take my wallet then instead of during the struggle? (The point being it makes no difference when you take it, as I have only 1 wallet. You cannot steal a wallet then also acquire a wallet as end of battle loot to end up with more wallets than physically exist, ergo stealing is useless)

Technically anything you steal, should be taken from the battle loot you would have gotten, but aside from this being really complicated to implement, it makes stealing completely pointless since you were going to get the item anyway.

I had an idea for an RPG, where every enemy runs instead of dies, and that's why stealing would be essential since it's the only way to get stuff. (And there would be no way of leveling, so getting stuff was even more important) Another version of the same idea is that enemies would explode when defeated, resulting in all their stuff carried getting destroyed. (And at least this way you get exp points) But that seems like an odd joke to carry through an entire game.

The last idea is that the stealer is like a magician who pulls things out of the enemy that they didn't know they had. (Such as pulling quarters from behind the ear) This could also be seen as a draw system from FF8 but with the magical energy drawn is instead used to create an item on the fly.

Actually I just thought of another method while writing this. Its the inverse of the running method mentioned above. Rather than the enemy running, you only keep the stolen goods if YOU run. I guess the way that would work, is ,you'd steal something but not see what it is until the battle ends.

Another method is to have each individual enemy immediately run when stolen from, in order to explain why they don't drop loot. But aa stated above, it's items you get one way or another, in effect all this does is make steal into an insta-death attack.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Ace Battle Engine

I just got the battle script from here:

There are a few issues with it imo such as the fact the bars cover the faces, here is an example of what I mean and how I went about fixing it:

So that's one problem solved. All I would have to do is do the same thing for each party member. xD
HOWEVER, I'd like to get rid of the gray icons on the top left. Icons for status ailments/buffs are fine, but I don't need a gray button telling me nothing is happening, or a dumb looking fist to show they are about to attack.
In fact, I just checked my previous RPG to see if the fist icons were always there, but they aren't. They are part of the script.

Another thing I'd like to adjust is the font used for the names of the characters. I'd like the font to be bolder/sharper if possible. The names need to stand out more. Something more like this: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20051101170510/finalfantasy/images/c/c9/Final_Fantasy_VI_Final_Kefka.png

Is it okay to use music from other games?

By which I mean music from games released on other systems such as PS2.

Is it frowned upon? Will I get blacklisted for doing this?

Sorry if the answer is obvious or if this is something that's been discussed a thousand times. I'm completely new to the ring and I just figured I should get this question out of the way before I plop down the $70 for VX Ace. The answer to this thread will definitely factor into my decision whether to get RPG Maker or not.

[RMVX ACE] New to RPG Maker, help me do stuff


Original post (edited):
Mind you I am using the trial version, so I apologize for any confusion as to what is/isn't available in this version. (The full version is $70, I'm not ready to plop that kind of money down unless I feel I have a reasonably good shot of making exactly the kind of RPG I want)

Here's what I want to figure out how to do:
- How to make character portraits appear in combat? For the default character there is none.
- How to make it so the option to Fight or Run doesn't constantly appear during combat? The game should always assume I'm fighting.

Well I have more questions, but I guess I should do things a step at a time. I should try to make my first RPG something simple. That said, I am curious whether it's possible to do the following:

- Is it possible to make it so more enemies appear in the middle of battle? In other words, multiple waves of enemies in a single battle. Defeat one wave, and more enemies appear to replace them instead of the battle simply ending.
- Not only that, I had an idea for a game where fallen enemies leave behind visible loot in the middle of battle, and you can grab the loot in the middle of battle.
- Is it possible to make a single big enemy and you can attack different parts of its body, and each body part has its own attacks?
- Visible player sprites during battle? (Like Final Fantasy 1-6) Although this is probably asking too much, so nevermind. First person view should suffice for now and for most of the games I had intended to make. Not only that but, in a way, character portraits are actually better than sprites.
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