A Dream Home

Hmm game is rather tutorial about how to make a place beautiful in rpgmaker and it sure is fun for eyes to see restored rooms. For gaming though it is rather demo like rather. Still a good foundation for another game I guess.

A Dream Home

Conspiracy of the New Order

Ooo you tricked me into playing. Overrally I enjoyed the game. Especially I liked that choice in castle go for single soldiers or after group with gold.
Load button creates error.
Just one item in house with text buuu.
Undescribed spells and items. But then again I love reading so bad just for me.
Cool suprise battle it did not seem to repeat though.
Sleeping guards need more variation of sleep text lol.

Four Sisters of the Wind

This is first time I played on this particular system so I might be biased.
First really cool game, even if short.
Game has few bugs. Like restore for free or blizzard attacking one target. I checked and one ice has bigger damage than blizzard. Also some skills are not described. Skills make quite the balanced party that can almost steamroll enemy. Cool but a bit too OP.
I hope I will see more games from you.

Master of the Wind

Glad to see you are still alive and kicking. And hopefully making games.


My first thought was why I can t sleep in my frigging bed. The second part is that I am still lone mage so far in game. Still I admit it is pretty fun, but locations seem looped and too big for looping especially winter hell and desert hell where I am currently stuck. I love the mp regenerating item. It is rather rare to find such in games.

Seraphic Blue (English)

Just two? I shall wait rather than spoil the fun by hitting the wall.


Take your expectations of this game and triple them. Then triple them again. It is a hour of pure awesomness. No less no more!

Valor Emblem

Any chance for good trpg?
I checked once I saw your latest review.


No items nor healing spells unless I missed them. But cool epilogue.