Metal Frontier: Kloe Edition

Gotta admit it looks awesome but oh god the bugs in combat system. Retarded ai that will move away from you as long as one enemy is blocking the way in aka bridge no matter how far away that enemy us. Trying the auto mode lost me 2 hours of game. You will never guess: in auto mode character does only one action per turn with random weapon on random enemy so few wounded rats wiped me out. It would not be so bad if there was a way to turn off auto during combat!!! Battles take way too long time though they look great. Decent graphics and very cool texts have been noted. If you fix those bugs I am sure the game will be very enjoyable.

Elf's Diary

Damn for two hours game I have died a lot. The battles are not impossible per se but you sure have to master the party system to not die all the time. Interesting choice with scripted fights giving a lot of money rather than slow grind with random enemies but makes many fights hard AF. Still managed to complete game so I can t say the difficulty is killing joy of game. Plenty of cool texts to be found make it a pleasure to explore. Just a tiny little bitching about desire to more people would say something diffrent after each adventure. Overallly it was a pleasure to play it even if with occasional swear. Hope to see more creations from you.

Umbral Soul

Umm Can t you like release that special version with apprioprate amount of saved files which will take us straight to additional content? This game is not that short after all. Took me few days to play it.

Quest Questers

Short review
Dungeon crawler based on interesting concept of dealing with diffrent team on each quest. The need to find balance stop game from being boring. Also this is one of those cool games that you almost don t need to use items because you can just guard to regen mp/tp. Weird but cool graphics will keep you around just to see what kind of strange looking stuff is ahead. Not game of the year but certainly solid rpg entertaiment. Also not too long but you should not hold it against this game.

Umbral Soul

So I have completed the game like many before me. Few thoughts are necessary for this entertaiment of course.
First impression... my antivirus deleted game when I tried to open it... had to reinstall and disable that little b-word to play the game.
Second thought. Damn someone certainly investes heavily in sound in this game
Third one. And here I thought I have already lost the simple enjoyment of playing rpgmaker game due to age.... thanks for proving me wrong.
Fourth one. So many feels but bearable. You managed to not make soup opera. GJ!
Fifth. My inner nazi is screaming every time I see thier... pure evil as expected of villain game!
Sixth. Button to skip puzzles? Especially the music one with for some silly reason background music interfering with melody.
Seventh. I really like the part where NPCS have two texts to read. Very rare and enjoyable. Shame many would probably not even notice this part.
Bugs are really minor like Dinning table in king castle you can go through or strange NPC in the same castle in front of gate or flying skeleton in bandit valley.
Interesting solution to give monster parts rather than money. Perhaps we could learn how to harvest monster parts in the next game for realism?
The scenerios were great cake icing and also small snacks like Succumbus in colloseum. Minor stuff but should not bandits stop trying to throw rocks on us after we beat their leader? Overally I would not feel guilty rating this speciman as game of the year!

Umbral Soul

Soo how to pass melody puzzle in vampire castle?
Also mini bug bought necklace but it does not show up in equipment. Marcus has mp regen though.

A Dream Home

Hmm game is rather tutorial about how to make a place beautiful in rpgmaker and it sure is fun for eyes to see restored rooms. For gaming though it is rather demo like rather. Still a good foundation for another game I guess.

A Dream Home

Conspiracy of the New Order

Ooo you tricked me into playing. Overrally I enjoyed the game. Especially I liked that choice in castle go for single soldiers or after group with gold.
Load button creates error.
Just one item in house with text buuu.
Undescribed spells and items. But then again I love reading so bad just for me.
Cool suprise battle it did not seem to repeat though.
Sleeping guards need more variation of sleep text lol.

Four Sisters of the Wind

This is first time I played on this particular system so I might be biased.
First really cool game, even if short.
Game has few bugs. Like restore for free or blizzard attacking one target. I checked and one ice has bigger damage than blizzard. Also some skills are not described. Skills make quite the balanced party that can almost steamroll enemy. Cool but a bit too OP.
I hope I will see more games from you.