Maps For Hire

I'm looking to have some maps done for my RMXP project and would be willing to pay. Most of these maps would be wilderness, dungeons, or abandoned settlements (which is to say: not many sprawling towns and such, possibly a couple such maps). If you are interested, please post or PM me. I would like to see 3 samples of your work. Thanks.

Mechanics designer seeking map designer

So, I hate making maps, and generally all things graphical (I have no artistic flair for them). I'm looking for someone who would be interested in making some of the maps for my game. In exchange, I can offer mechanics design. I am a competent Ruby programmer so scripts can be included in this depending on the request. I would also be up for helping design mechanics related to skills, classes, enemies, and the general game system. So if you need any help in those areas, or just plain like making maps, please let me know!

Details: The maker I am using is RMXP. In general these maps will be unpopulated areas. Generally various kinds of wilderness or abandoned structures. The topography is pretty wide open though.

The game in question: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2628/
Some sample maps currently in the game:
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