Well,I love to draw manga,a big fan of Tokusatsu,love making games eventough they're tiresome.
Clack Tuwar
What happens when Cactuar and Tonberry meets Clock Tower?



Clack Tuwar progress blog(After 3 years!)

Well anyway nice to see this game with a pun as its name is still on :^D.

I remember when I first come up with the name,I thought this might be the stupidest or the smartest name I've come up with.That was in 09 and the rest is history...

Always good to hear updates on this :)

See you again for the next 3 years :D I'm kidding....(I hope)

Legal question - popular songs in noncommercial games?

If I want to use "Never Gonna Give You Up" to do a Rick Roll
meme,only about 15 seconds in my game,does this falls under fair use?

Can I use Active time battle for my commercial game

Square's patent on the ATB system expired in 2012. It is now free for anyone to use.

So I got nothing to worry then,alright. :)

Also,appreciate the advise Avee.

How do you go about creating a game?

I might approach each game a different way,but at the moment i'm trying to figure out
who are the characters and what their personality are(not too in-depth).Then I figure out the world building with much more
depth than the characters because I always find it hard to think of a story without a clear picture of the world.
Then I think about the gameplay and graphic for a bit and then finally I begin the game making process.

I don't like to think about my game to every last detail,because then I would be wasting a lot of time.I just need enough information and if I'm convinced I have a good thing going on I'll just start doing the game and hope new ideas and inspiration would come along as I'm making the game.

Can I use Active time battle for my commercial game

I was thinking of using ATB in my commercial game,but then I read that Square owns the patent to ATB.So what does this mean then?,that I can't use a turn based battle with constant real time flow for my game?

Does Grandia battle count as an ATB?,if so what can I do or not do if I'm gonna make a turn based battle with real time flow?

Last Word Steam Release

I really loved the original game,but it was lacking in content and the combat felt repetitive,so I really I hoped the paid version keep us more engaging.Also are you planning to sell the game anywhere else other than steam,cause I don't really shop at Steam.

Get Game Maker Studio Standard for Free

This is so beautiful,sniff...
Been planning to buy Studio for a while now,good thing I waited

Dick Valentine: Secret of the Dropa Stones


What Do You Wish You Were Playing Right Now?

Final Fantasy VI REMAKE


Seraphic Blue (English) Review

Not only that, but I'll be honest. All the towns and cities in the game pretty much look identical, so they are hard to differentiate as well.

Thanks for the review once again, Killer Wolf!

I tried to play the game I really did,but this is one of the few reason what turns me off about the game.I just cant stand dull town in a jrpg,to make the matter worse all of them look almost identical.

This is what it seems in this demo, but I assure you, towards the end, the twists start to happen. The story is still early :)

So I have to go through 20+ episodes just to get to the good part?

If the story really is amazing,I might give it another shot(somewhere in the near future)
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