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Purge your world from dark magic. Use gear wizely to make your way forward.

Soon done stuff
• real inventory
• basic enemy
• saving as in Diablo2

This is a designprototype for "Tibbitubbs" "Era of The Paw" a game that we'll start forging in a month or so. is complete but did not do well against a jury attending Gotland University. For now I'll suspend this production until I get better ideas for a console version.

Stay tuned for my other games though, I'll upload them as they come.

Oh and here's the 3D-version, it's cooperative.

Feel free to suggest anything.

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I Can’t Wait To Eat That Monkey
Wow, it’s great news to hear that the project continued on and moved into a positive, different direction. Man, this looks great! Don’t worry, bud, Blizzard don’t know what they’re talking about.

(…Maybe because it’s missing that “magical conch” item, lol.)
Froglight is a proof-of-concept for a 3D-version made in unity in 2012. It received bad reviews from the jury (blizzard most notably) so it's suspended right now. I have to add some features before continuing. It will be on console if it's released anywhere.

Heres the video
I Can’t Wait To Eat That Monkey
...Sooooomething tells me that this game is as good as dead. :(
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
I hate it when I see a game that resembles Zelda and it's not finished :(

PLEASE, finish quickly so you don't lose interest :)

lmao a frog...i prefer nekos or kisunes or quite a few other monster girls but ill check it out lol..
you are right lotus :) it's fixed now. The plan was to make an inventory and then chests. somehow they got reversed.
Looks like good effort Im curious as to why you haven't set up collision boxes in the form of active objects around your treasure chests? I've been playing around with mmf2 and while I don't know as much as you clearly do, setting up collision was one of the first things I learned. Just wondering, not trying to play down your efforts.
check, what resolutions do you prefer darken? currently we have 640x360, 1280x720, 1920x1080. push ctrl + and ctrl - at any time
I really don't like the resolution. It's too small and too wide.
thanks, we'll look into that :)
I like the idea, and the maps are a little empty but I like the HUD and the graphics used are nice :) *subbed*
The maps are quite empty but the style's good.
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