Title Source Info
DoubleX RMVXA Hotkey Addon to YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
Lets users use hotkeys to select party members that can input actions
02/28/2015 05:20 AM
DoubleX RMVXA Charge Addon to YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
Lets users set some skills/items to pay their costs before charging
02/25/2015 12:32 PM
DoubleX RMVXA Update Addon to YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
Lets users run their script codes right before and/or after an atb update
02/25/2015 05:13 AM
Party Changer Menu Script
Change party easily.
02/19/2015 05:40 PM
Noyemi K's Simple Dynamic Music
Create the impression of layering ambiences by cueing variant tracks on the fly!
02/17/2015 11:35 AM
Advanced AI Conditions
This script allows the developper to exert better control on how the AI handles the enemies' action patterns.
02/13/2015 10:58 AM
Disable Dash
It disables dash.
02/05/2015 04:58 AM
DoubleX RMVXA Countdown Addon Compatibility Fix
Tries to fix compatibility issues I've found in DoubleX RMVXA Countdown Addon to YSA Battle System: Classical ATB
01/31/2015 09:44 AM
Random Encounter Events
Set up common events to run when you run into a random encounter
01/25/2015 12:40 AM
Direction Fix Button
Enables strafe movement and back stepping for the player when a button is held down
01/17/2015 05:54 PM
Random Basic Battle Modifications
A collection of basic battle-related stuff made easier to modify
01/16/2015 09:27 PM
Skip Title Screen
Skip the title screen, and immediately start the game.
01/16/2015 08:57 AM
Walking EXP
Gain EXP while walking on the Map
01/14/2015 05:33 AM
Expanded Actor Menu
It removes Status, Formation options from menu, and shows all actor’s info on the main screen.
01/05/2015 12:21 PM
Gamblers Forge
Gamble away useless items.
01/05/2015 12:20 PM
Crafting Simple
Adds crafting system.
01/05/2015 12:17 PM
Open Shops
Instead of needing to talk to a clerk to buy items. You can buy items straight of the tables!
01/05/2015 12:15 PM
Shop adds new Items when Selling
Shop stocks up on items when you sell materials to it.
01/05/2015 12:14 PM
Variable Shops
Allows shops to have variables as currencies. Shops can take multiple currencies.
01/05/2015 12:12 PM
Actor Stats on Level Up
Instead of setting all the numbers in Class, your actor gains stats according to your formulas.
01/05/2015 12:11 PM

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