Title Source Info
How to make a horror thumbnail/title screen
In this tutorial I explain how to make tape style horror thumbnails!
08/07/2015 09:28 PM
How to make a cool soccer ball using an event!
Do a bunch of cool tricks with a soccer ball event in RPG maker, here's how.
08/07/2015 01:54 PM
Water Droplets
When you see small drops of water
07/23/2015 04:31 AM
Custom Random Encounter System
This system means that you don't have to use the awful default system!
07/11/2015 02:03 PM
Some low level tricks to increase code compactness
Explore some tricks to increase code compactness on a low level
07/05/2015 08:56 AM
Parallax Mapping Tutorial
A basic tutorial showing how to make simple parallax maps with rpg maker.
06/01/2015 05:20 PM
Video tutorial-Making a sanity/Hp system(No scripting)
A basic video tutorial that shows how to make a HP system
05/23/2015 06:23 PM
Sound volume depending on distance
Tutorial on how to implement increasing sound volume on sound source approach
05/23/2015 11:22 AM
[Video] Character Sheet Tutorial in GIMP
How to make a character sheet in GIMP!
05/22/2015 10:48 PM
Data Compression
Fit multiple values in single variables with this advanced technique
05/08/2015 08:23 PM
Videogame Music Tutorial parts 1&2 (2 Hours in Total)
Writing MIDI files. Creating 8bit(NES), 16bit(Genesis) and 32bit(CD quality)
04/30/2015 04:35 PM
Let's Unity!!
A casual introduction to the Unity engine, with lots of helpful hints on how to approach it!
04/19/2015 02:56 PM
Platform Tutorial Series#1:Basics of Jumping and Movement
A simple tutorial of controlling your character
04/10/2015 12:46 AM
Getting Started: Your First UE4 Map
Get up and running with Unreal Engine 4, learn to make a map!
03/03/2015 06:16 PM
Semi-transparent graphics
How to make semi-transparent graphics and it's usefulness
03/01/2015 04:40 AM
Door Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to make a door open and have it close behind you.
03/01/2015 12:22 AM
Keeling Over in Critical Condition
Mini-tutorial: Characters bend over when below 25% health
02/15/2015 11:31 PM
Endless Hallway/Corridor(s)! Video Tutorial
Create a simple yet effective series of endless hallways/corridors to stump and confuse your players...
02/09/2015 07:36 AM
Create your own Pause Screen
A video tutorial describing how you can begin to create your own pause screen using events
01/13/2015 04:57 AM
RPG toolkit Error. tk3fight.dll, how to fix.
Error 1: When playtesting I got: A remoteable class was not found in Game\(game name)\Plugin\tk3fight.dll
01/10/2015 02:56 PM