RMN's official FAQ.

Welcome to RMN! Chances are if you've found your way here, you have an interest in making or playing indie RPGs. You've come to the right place! RMN is host to a number of independent games, both RPGs and other genres, which you can download and play for free! The site also offers a wide range of useful services to developers, such as tutorials, free game hosting, critical feedback for projects, and a forum where users can ask questions of other users or just discuss things with like-minded individuals!

If you've come to this page you are probably new to RMN, or maybe are just looking for some suggestions of how to use this site's services. Where you go from here likely varies depending on just what you came here for!

If you are new to making games:

Chances are you have a lot of questions for how to use your program! That's okay, everyone started out new at this program! Here are a few suggestions for helping you get started!

If you are looking for information on game development engines, checkout the engines page.

If you need to learn more about how to use your maker, it is suggested you check out our useful Tutorials on the various engines:

RPG Maker VX Ace Tutorials
RPG Maker VX Tutorials
RPG Maker XP Tutorials
RPG Maker 2003 Tutorials
Adventure Game Studio Tutorials
Super Mario Bros. X Tutorials

A few helpful articles about getting started with making RPGs:
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Alternatively, there are links to several useful resources outside of RMN. There are some handy beginner's guides to be found here.

Lastly, if you are looking for scripts to add into your game, check out our scripts listing.

If you are not new to making RPGs but are looking for some pointers to improve your projects:

RMN also supports a wide variety of useful articles on the finer points of game making. Reading through these articles is sure to give you a great creative boost and give you new ways to approach your project.

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For the basics of Game Design, check out kentona's article series, the FUNdamentals of RPGs:
I: The Role of the Player
II: Attributes and Skills
III: Story
IV: Quests and Objectives
V: Reward
VI: Balancing

For more advanced discussion on Game Design, check out Strangeluv's Game Designer's Manifesto:
Introduction and Part One (Plot Outline)
Part Two (Conflict)
Part Three (Cutscenes, Mood, Theme)
Part Four (Dialogue and Characters)

For tips on how to enhance your games, check out The Real Brickroad's article series on Game Design:
Dungeon Theory
Skillset Theory
Gameplay Consistency
Philosophy of Treasure Distribution
Alternatives to Random Encounters

For tips on how to enhance your writing and dialogue, also check out:
Brickroad's RPG Auditions Today! Characters Wanted!
Brickroad's Your Intro Sucks, Clean Up That Mess
Brickroad's Information Absorption
Shadowtext's Writing for Games
Solitayre's Writing for Characters
Solitayre's On Story Structure
Ghost's Creating Immersive Worlds, Interesting Characters & Non Linear Plots
Darken's "Hello there!" The Dialect of a Town NPC

For tips on mapping and aesthetics, check out:
Archeia_Nessiah's The Do's and Don'ts of Mapping Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8
Blindmind's Mapping Tutorial - Meadow
Blindmind's Mapping Tutorial - Dungeon Hall
Indra's Mapping in 5 easy steps

For general game design and theory, check out:
Ghost's Selecting the right medium: Intrinsically motivated work
Solitayre's Game Mechanics and Pacing
Solitayre's Making Mechanics Work For You
Solitayre's Five Strategies for Better Game-Making

If you're just looking for some good games to play:

RMN is host to a number of quality games of many genres for you to enjoy! A few suggestions...

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RMN Featured Games
These games were selected by the staff and the memberbase as worthy of frontpage exposure:
View All Featured Games

Traditional RPG

Hero's Realm by kentona
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Long (10+ hours)

Paradise Blue by Ocean's Dream
Platform: Rm2k3 Length: Long (6-8 hours)

Balmung Cycle: The Messenger and the Heretic by Magi
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Medium (6-8 hours)

Dhux's Scar by Erilex
Platform: RM2k Length: Medium (6-8 hours)

Hellion by kentona
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Medium (6-8 hours)

Visions and Voices by Craze and Karsuman
Platform: RMVX Length: Medium (6-10 hours)

Master of the Wind by Volrath and Artbane
Platform: RMXP Length: Long (10+ hours)

The Tiamat Sacrament by Drakonais
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Long (10+ hours)

Leo & Leah: A Love Story by Strangeluv
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Medium (5-7 hours)

Space Funeral by catmitts
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Short (2-3 hours)

Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords by Dark Gaia
Platform: RMVX Length: Long (10+ hours)

Starless Umbra by dragonheartman
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Long (10+ hours)

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention by
Platform: RMXP Length: Long (10+ hours)

Star Stealing Prince by Ronove and Diedrupo
Platform: RMVX Length: Long (10+ hours)

Chain of Retribution by Archeia_Nessiah, Ocean, GreatOldOne, Skie Fortress and JIHAUS
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Medium (6-8 hours)


Grave Spirit by Zohaib
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Short (2-3 hours)

Forlorn Manor by Anaryu
Platform: RMXP Length: Short (2-3 hours)

Ghost Voyage by catmitts
Platform: AGS Length: Very Short (15 Minutes)

The Mirror Lied by Reives
Platform: RMXP Length: Very Short

Castle Chase by Racheal and MakioKuta
Platform: RMVX Length: Short

Wither by Rastek
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Short (2-3 hours)

I'm Scared of Girls by CARRIONBLUE
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Short (2-3 hours)

Action RPG

Avarice by Anaryu, Solitayre and Krisanna
Platform: RMVX Length: Short (2-3 hours)

Outlaw City: Dark Past by Anaryu
Platform: RMXP Length: Short (4-5 hours)

Rubi by Ocean
Platforym: RM2k3 Length: Short (2-3 hours)

Science Fiction

Set Discrepancy by Gibmaker
Platform: RMXP Length: Medium (4-5 hours)

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis by Neok
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Long (10+ hours)

Sore Losers by Fallen-Griever
Platform: RM2k Length: Medium (5-6 hours)


Lexico by SDHawk and Thrasher
Platform: V3 Length: Short

Its good to be a pirate by Rebezion
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Very Short

Push! by Forever an Ill Fate
Platform: RM2k3 Length: Short

SkYscrapeR by Rhyme
Platform: RMVX Length: Very Short

Clock of Atonement by daigo
Platform: RM2k Length: Very short


The Longing Ribbon by Gibmaker
Platform: RM2k Length: Short (4-5 hours)

One Night 3 by Dark Gaia
Platform: RMVX Length: Medium (4-5 hours)

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer by calunio
Platform: RM2k Length: Short (4-5 hours)


Iffermoon by animdude
Platform: Multimedia Fusion Length: Short

Rework the Dead: Evil by Beaker
Platform: Sphere Length: Medium

Zero's Impossible Fortress by SDHawk
Platform: Sphere Length: Medium

Mario vs. The Moon Base by kentona, GreatRedSpirit, Solitayre and Hexatona
Platform: SMBX Length: Medium

Strategy RPG

The Reconstruction by Deltree
Platform: RMXP Length: Long

Aurora Wing by DFalcon
Platform: RM2k Length: Medium


U.S.G: A New Beginning by hima
Platform: RMXP Length: Medium

Astral Conjunction by Erilex
Platform: Game Maker Length: Very Short

Nebulus by koaangel
Platform: RM2k Length: Medium

Visual Novel

RE:Alistair++ by Archeia_Nessiah and sakebento
Platform: Ren'Py Length: Very Short

Grace's Diary by hima
Platform: Custom Length: Very Short

If you have a question about RMN:
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What is Makerscore?
Makerscore is a quantitative representation of your contributions to the site. Certain contributions (games, articles, tutorials, reviews, etc...) net you a certain amount of makerscore. As your makerscore increases, your personal lockerspace increases. You can find your total makerscore under your name in both your user profile and under your avatar in posts on the site.

Read this article for a more detailed breakdown of makerscore.

Why does RMN have gameprofiles? Why not a forum for showcasing games?
The reasoning is because game profiles are simply put far better than threads for a game in basically every way possible except visibility on the forums themselves. It already has more organization than your average post. Every game profile comes with a page for your game summary, images, and downloads instead of having to embed everything in a thread and hide tags to keep it manageable. Users can comment on each page except images because users instead can comment on each individual image! Users can post reviews and it will become part of your game profile as well with their own page and comments instead of being buried with the rest of the comments. You can post blogs on each game profile when you want to post updates, ask for help, or just about anything relating to your game. Users can comment on that and blog posts and the latest images appear on the front page to improve visibility. You can also add your own pages for additional content. Want to make a list of characters in your game? Make a page for it! PS - users can comment on that page too. Also, your Request blogs will automatically be shown in the Help & Requests forum, and your Game Design bogs will be automatically be shown in the Game Design forum.

Users can subscribe to games too or submit their own media such as fan art or Let's Play/Try/Fails. Subscriptions to game profiles mean when new content or comments get posted they get a flashing indicator in the top of their screen which tells them that there's an update and their notifications page that has more details on what was updated.

You can also stylize your game profiles to your liking via CSS unique to your game profile instead of being stuck with the forum stylesheets. You can do all kinds of stuff not possible with just BBCode!

The game profiles are all part of the games database too so when people come looking for games they have far more searching power than the most active games on forum threads. Lastly, gameprofiles get way more hits than forum posts.

A game profile does everything a forum thread does and so, so much more.

Do I have a personal filespace on RMN?
Yes! It is called your locker and you can access it via 'Your Account' > 'Locker' in the toolbar above. You start with 10mb of space, and can increase it by contributing to the site.

How do I add an avatar to my account?
1. Upload the image you want online somewhere. (Your RMN locker is perfect for this.) Make sure it meets the size limitations: no larger than 150x150 pixels.
2. Hover over your account name on the userbar at the top of the screen
3. Select "Edit Profile"
4. Enter the url of your desired image in the "Avatar Image" field.
5. Click "Submit"
6. Enjoy your new avatar!

What's with the user titles below avatars? How do I get one?
One does not choose a user title - a user title chooses you.
(Or, you can donate to RMN's server fund and then send kentona a PM request for a user title change whenever you want one)

Which Maker should I use?
A very common question around here, and the answer likely depends on your needs and your level of skill at programming. Most experienced users suggest that new users start with RPG Maker VX Ace due to its flexibility and ease of use and comprehensive functionality. Those more experienced at programming may find RPG Maker too limiting and may be more comfortable using a more advanced engine such as Game Maker or Construct 2.

For more information about the various available engines, check out our Engines section!

How do I download RPG Maker?
You may download each respective maker from their home website, which is linked from its engine page. You cannot download any maker directly from this site. Please do not ask for or post links to pirated software. This is not condoned by the site.

How do I do X in RPG Maker?
Always read the Help file first! If it does not answer your question, make sure you check out our useful tutorial section if you have any questions about RPG Maker. If they do not answer your question, make sure to check our Help and Requests Forum and check if anyone else has asked your question. If not, ask it yourself and our regular users will generally be happy to help.

How do I submit a game?
Click on the "Submissions" tab on the tool bar at the top of any RMN Page and select "Submit game." You will be given the opportunity to create a game profile. You cannot add a game download until your game is approved. You are also required to upload at least 3 screenshots. To do this, after submitting your game, click on the "Submissions" tab and edit your gameprofile submission, and then go to the image section to upload screenshots. For a more detailed walkthrough on how to submit an image, read this article.

What are the submission guidelines?
Demo/Full Game submissions require at least 1 paragraph, 4-5 sentences long, explaining your project.

Your game will also require at least three screenshots showing images of your game. Your game won't even go into the submission queue until three screens are loaded. Your game has a screenshot gallery built into it. All you need to do is add the screenshots! We only support JPEG and PNG screenshots. BMPs and others are not allowed. The screenshots need to have variety - three screenshots of one location isn't counted as three screenshots. Title screens, splash screens, map art, or character art do not count toward your screenshot total (but are certainly allowed).

Your game must meet certain standards of quality. These standards are fairly subjective and arbitrary, but in general your game should have proper spelling and grammar, have a decent grasp of game mechanics, be free of any obvious game-breaking bugs.

Click here for the full Game and Review Summision rules...

Can I submit games to the site made in an engine other than RPG Maker?
Yes! RMN accepts games made in any engine.

The engine I am using is not listed on RMN. Can I add it?
No, you cannot. An administrator has to add an engine. If you have an engine suggestion, send a message to kentona and ask for it! If it seems appropriate, he'll add it.

Can I submit games my friend made/a game made by someone else?
This is generally handled on a case-by-case basis, but the answer is usually yes as long as you properly credit the original author. This is especially true of fan translations of works originally released in other languages.

I submitted a game to the site but it was denied! What gives?!
Make sure your game had at least three screenshots of in game footage and had a reasonable description of what the game was about. Also, the RMN submissions staff attempts to maintain a reasonable standard of quality on the site. Your game may be rejected if it is felt it does not meet the site's standards. Any questions regarding submissions should be directed to kentona, the staff member in charge of submissions.

Can I advertise my game on the forums?
No. Use your Game Profile for that.

Can RMN provide a link to my site?
No. RMN does not link to other sites at this time.

I can't get any RPG Maker games to run!
The most common problem is that it requires the Runtime Package, (RTP) a set of graphics and music that the game will draw from. Each maker has its own RTP. A simple Google search will turn it up easily.

The font is all messed up for this RM2k/3 game! Help?
Try downloading this:, unpack it and then install in your Windows\Fonts folder. If that does not work, also try restarting your machine. If it still doesn't work, post about it in the Help & Requests forum and we can help you out.

I am looking for an old/obscure/foreign/rare RM game! Can you guys help me find it?
A large number of hard-to-find RM games have been archived in this thread. Check it out. If you don't see the game you're looking for, ask about it. Even if you don't remember the name, if you can come up with reasonable description of it chances are good someone will know what you are talking about.

How do I add pretty graphics or backgrounds to my game profile?
Follow this handy tutorial by Chaos Productions and you too can have a pretty game profile in no time!

Does this site have an IRC channel? How do I access it?
The site maintains a chatroom at on Dynastynet (

For detailed instructions on how to find/connect to this channel using an IRC client, check here.

You can also connect to the channel using a web browser. Check here for more information.

How do I submit resources?
Go to Submissions > Submit Resource. At this time, RMN only accepts custom (or heavily edited rips in its resource section. Conventional rips are not allowed.
You can also check out an archive of resources here (from before we had a Resource section): Resource Museum topic.

I have a maker-specific question...where can I find a FAQ for that?
Check out the RPG Maker Helpful Things topic!

How do I Bold/Underline/Italicize my text, post images, etc.?
Use BBC code. The commands are as follows:

[b][/b] - Bold
[i][/i] - Italics
[u][/u] - Underline
[s][/s] Strike-through
[size=Xpt][/size]- Change the size of your text, where x is the font size. For example, 16pt.
[hide][/hide] - Contents hidden with a 'Show' button that makes contents visible, useful for spoilers.
[center][/center] - Center-align.
[right][/right] - Right-align.
[quote username]Text [/quote]- Use this to quote another user.
[url=http://yourfavoritewebsite]text[/url] - Text becomes a link to the URL given in the url tag
[img]ImageURL[/img] - Place an image with the URL between the [img]'s
[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table] - Place a table, with rows and cells.
[code][/code] - Place code between the tags.
[code ruby][/code] - Place Ruby (or RGSS/2 code) between the tags.

How do I add music or video to posts/reviews/articles/ etc...?
[youtube]url[/youtube] - Place the address of a youtube video to embed it in your post. 

[mp3=url]mp3 description[/mp3] - The path to the MP3 file goes inside the tag after the =

Dragon Warrior?

Adding an imbedded Soundcloud is a littlelot kludgey but it's there.

On SoundCloud, go to the track's page, then click Share, then select Embed, copy the URL
<iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;visual=true"></iframe>

You see this section:

Copy this track ID, and put them in soundcloud tags:


We hope you enjoy your stay at RMN. Have fun!

The RMN Staff


RMN's supervillain, and enjoying it
This is really cool. Thanks for doing this, Soli. (And thanks for the mini-ad. =P )

I suggest The Reconstruction as another good traditional RM* RPG, if you're taking suggestions.
Strategy RPG

The Reconstruction by Deltree
Platform: RMXP Length: Long

It's already there.

This is really cool and should be the first page that a new user sees when he signs up, or should be at the top of the homepage.

Thanks for the many references to my work, by the way.
You rock, Solitayre. Seriously, this is awesome.
RMN's supervillain, and enjoying it
But... it's not an SRPG. It's a traditional RPG. Guess that's why I didn't see it.
I'd suggest a section for dungeon crawlers, since they have a separate search category.
hi am new to rmn pls halp me find chapsets e-mail to k thx
Is there a Tutorial for creating battle systems like those in Legend of Vanadia...?
hi i'm new to this rmn but i kinda exist in other forums and have a complete game
hi i'm new to this rmn but i kinda exist in other forums and have a complete game
how long does it take for my game to be accepted? its has passed about 5 days... o.o and i havent recevied any denied or notificacion o.o
You need to have at least three screenshots attached to your game before the staff can even see it.
How do I add the main download?
I have done the set-up and have over 3 screenshots.
I can see the game profile (thru my account and managing my games) but I cannot seem to find it in a way that others could, by searching the database etc.
Can anybody please help?


I don't think the game is approved yet then! Once approved the remaining functionality is unlock.
how long does that usually take
Robertaxavi has not been approved after 5 days
is that common

btw thanks for replying so quickly!!

p.s. how many RMN staff are there total and how many are responsible for approving games?
There are about 6 staff and 1 is responsible for approving games. But why it has not been approved yet is beyond me.
Thanks for your help

oh and does a download need a URL? How do I make a URL to use?
Sorry I'm such a noob =P