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Melon Journey is a game in which the player looks for their lost friend. You can choose to play as either a boy or a girl. To find your friend, you must walk around Melon World and help various animals (cats, dogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, hamsters) by attaining items/information.

This game was created in RPG Maker 2003 by two people in under a week. We made all of the art and music.

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  • Completed
  • almondmelon
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • 06/26/2012 02:31 AM
  • 11/26/2015 12:55 AM
  • 06/25/2012
  • 121018
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too cute must play

will provide more articulate feedback wheb im on my computer
The '524' is for the amount of sprinkles on my Glamburgers
Looks so adorable! I can't wait to play it.
nice job here

I'm totes gonna write a review for y'all. I had fun~ :3
I just finished it! It's very cute! I love the music and the graphics!
You the practice of self-promotion
I have submitted a review. I hope my feedback (once approved) is helpful.
Resident foodmonster
Very nice and silly fun, I liked it!
That was completely adorable! I liked how the world had it's own vibe and everyone had a little bit of personality for a kind of sandbox world. Good stuff =D
this game makes me so damn thirsty
played it last week. utter delight. i am uploading my playthrough now, hope i can add a review in the future to elaborate the crisp yet smooth taste of this game.

what a cool little world in a melon-soda filled snowglobe. thank you for this great experience

and rock hard pup abs
ah heck yeah, i'm excited to see the playthrough @mellytan

i wish i could give you all small handshakes
Resident foodmonster
small melonshakes would be good too...
maybe melon custard...melon homes...melon keyboards...
Weird, I was gonna pass this up, but it's right up my alley. I'll try to check it out within the week and give it a review when I have time. Kudos on the intrigue value alone though.
This game is adorable
Even though it is a short game, I love Melon Journey!
A very pleasant game. I submitted a review for it. Go play this game everyone!
ugh i keep forgetting to upload the vid and finish my review for this ugh ugh im srry imso srry
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