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Help me come up with (BIG) creatures

I feel like the Sky Whale is probably a perfect example of why he specifically requested that "if it is meant to fly, there has to be some thought behind how it does so."

However, these are on alien planets, so perhaps the atmosphere is made of a gas that's denser than its body. Or maybe the gravity is just extremely low. Or maybe it's highly intelligent and has developed a sky whale sized antigravity propulsion suit that it wears all the time.

Anyway, here's another one.

Teurrelkian Neurite

Kinda like this thing except maybe less fiery; like a giant neuron in a cave with tendrils sticking out to all the cave walls

Size: The visible part would be large enough to fill a small auditorium, but the neural tendrils leading out from it split like roots and spread microscopically through the ground under a large area. The area affected by a fully grown neurite can be anywhere from a few acres to the size of a large metropolis.
Habitat: The core of a Teurrelkian Neurite will usually be found in a cavern deep underground. The planet has a vast number of such caverns, as a result of other tunneling species. The neurite's tendrils extend through the bedrock and soil up to the surface but are not visible on the surface, being microscopic.
Diet: Feeds on the energy of plants on the surface, as well as the energy of animals that are standing on the ground, by draining energy through its tendrils like roots.
Description: Can affect the minds of animals (or people) that spend too long standing on the affected area. Typically causes affected animals to kill far more prey than they could eat themselves, and drag the prey back into the area affected by the neurite so that it can feed on the corpses. Technically a single-celled organism, it reproduces by mitosis.

Whatever makes the tunnels that the neurites live in could potentially be a second large creature on the same planet, if you wanted to sometimes have more than one per planet.

What happened to RMN's sexy Demographics

LockeZ designs like a lazy bum!
LockeZ designs a boss battle with no purpose
LockeZ designs a boss battle and it was just okay

These are my favorites

Memorable Boss Battles!

i like bowser

What are you thinking about right now?

The soundtrack from Warcraft 2 was so good that they reused it in both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, so it's not just you.

Some newer games have some really damn good songs too, of course. But there's definitely a strong tendency in newer games to mostly have music that is part of the background, and feels more like ambiance than a theme song. A lot of the time, ambient background sounds are actually all you get, and there's no music at all for large stretches of the game. This is due partly to the prevalence of voice chat in games, which I understand, but it happens in single-player games too. It's a little hard for me to figure out why massive-budget single-player games like Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, Shadow of Mordor and Batman: Arkham Thingy don't have good music playing all the time.

In World of Warcraft, you can change this, but by default, music only plays about 25% of the time and the rest of the time there's silence. It'll start playing a song several minutes after you enter an area, play it once, and then wait about ten minutes quietly before starting it over again. Like, what? What? Since then I've noticed that many other games do the same thing, but without a togglable setting. I don't get it.


I found a rare one for you

Screenshot Survival 20XX

BM, I think the obelisk looks fine, assuming it's some kind of gameplay construct like a save point or heal point. It kinda stands out, but it does so in the same way that the character sprites stand out, which is kind of the point for interactable gameplay objects. I actually think it could stand to stand out even more by giving it a different color; it's the same color as the dirt and grass right now and it kind of blends in. Maybe change the green glow to yellow or red on grassland maps?

Supreme Court strikes down bans on gay marriage in US

It's funny because I'm not arguing against the supreme court ruling. The only thing I've argued for in this entire topic is that people should chill the fuck out and treat each-other with more respect instead of throwing out accusations and trying to ban each-other from the site. Apparently that idea is controversial enough to create five pages of debate, not about whether the ruling is correct, but just about whether it's okay to be civil to people who are against it.

Supreme Court strikes down bans on gay marriage in US

So anyone who thinks anything is wrong and should be illegal is not only a bigot but a nutcase zealot? Or is it only if it's something you disagree with?

Supreme Court strikes down bans on gay marriage in US

Everyone's a sinner.

The good news is this thread still isn't as controversial as the FF7 remake thread.

Supreme Court strikes down bans on gay marriage in US

No, it wasn't about you. I'm totally fine with people firing back and arguing. I welcome it! Though maybe wait a few months if you want to do it in an open forum, heh. Everyone's blood is running a little hot right now and rational discourse is unlikely to occur.

As far as this thread goes I only really have a problem with the person who was saying things like "you're calling my entire existance a sin" and "you're not welcome in this thread, get out" to the people saying that they didn't support the supreme court's decision and/or don't approve of homosexuality. It paints an incorrect picture of the conservative viewpoints on this issue, instantly replaces all arguments with ad hominem attacks which then become the center of the new "debate," and creates a hostile and unproductive environment that doesn't make anyone happy on either side of the argument.