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The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Thread.

Rather than fighting normally, letting you look for an opening on your own, they mostly just run up to you and block, making every enemy feel like the direction-chopping mini-game from Wii Sports Resort rather than an actual fight.
Yeah that's basically Skyward Sword in a nutshell. What makes it actually worse than the sword chopping in Wii Sports Resort is that most enemies change stances about once per second. But... it takes them maybe a quarter of a second to perform the stance-changing animation so you can see which way to swing. Then, swinging the remote actually takes time, significantly longer than pressing a button - maybe a third of a second. And then there's about a quarter-second of input lag after you swing the remote before it registers your input and Link starts swinging. And then Link has to do his swing animation before the attack actually connects... The amount of time you're left with to react and swing is a negative number.

Plus the whole game only has like 6 enemy types, so even if the swordplay worked it would get really dull. They didn't have time to make the gameplay any good, because they spent all their money working on the motion controls. And on the impressionist art style that looks amazing in screenshots but just looks indistinguishable from low-res graphics when you're actually walking around and the motion blur is happening.

The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Thread.

Really? Twilight Princess is the only game in the series where the swordplay has any more depth than swing sword, charge up sword for circle swing, jump attack for double damage. You got all kinds of neat combat abilities like finishing moves and counterattacks and rolling strikes and stuff. And it was the first and last game where the tools were also integrated into combat well - you could use them all effectively while locked on, and even use some of them from horseback while locked on. I loved it.

Far better than the bullshit horrible Skyward Sword bullshit where it tracked your remote terribly, and then did everything a third of a second after you did it.

The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Thread.

recycle your bottles

Creating a feeling of Healing Item Scarcity

Wild ARMs 3 does an interesting thing where healing items can't be purchased at all. You find tons of them, but it definitely creates a feeling of needing to save them for later. Then it's also design so that you pretty much can't win most boss battles without them, since you only have one other healing ability and there are restrictions on using it.

Late in the game, you can grow healing items at a farm, but it takes hours/days of real time with the system turned off. I didn't like that. It felt like it killed the whole item-conservation system. Also, it's way too easily abusable since people can just change their clock. And it punishes people for enjoying the game and wanting to keep playing.

Other games like Fire Emblem allow you to buy healing items, but give you a limited amount of gold, and the only way to get more gold is to progress in the story and find it (in treasure chests or dropped by bosses). I used this system in one of my games and it wasn't really enough to make healing items feel scarce on its own. It helped, but it probably needs to be combined with something else like a low maximum number of carryable healing items. On the surface this sounds like it would end up very similarly to Wild ARMs 3's system, but in practice, it feels a lot less limited. The player can choose to get more items by doing things like not buying accessories, and can return to town to buy more items if they need to.

The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Thread.

Majora's Mask has the worst budget. All that reused shit from Ocarina of Time is just pathetic.

Wind Waker has the worst exploration. I mean, that's obvious. Fuck the ocean. Never playing that game again. The sailing is so bad. It makes the game completely unplayable.

Twilight Princess has the best everything in every category.

RMN Plays: Final Fantasy Tactics Randomizer Hack

Nivlacart, I started doing this before you posted, sorry.

If someone suggests an action that I don't get a chance to use, either because they submit it too late or because it's somehow incompatible, I'll use it in the next post instead.

I'm really enjoying how ridiculously elaborate some of these suggestions are that you guys are giving me. This post will include some actions that I picked on my own as filler turns.

Ramza uses Hellcry Punch!

It's not very effective...

Turns out Hellcry Punch is the one that destroys weapons, and ALL OF THESE MIMES ARE UNARMED. Also, one of them is completely naked. Wait, weren't they hitting the air with axes earlier? Apparently if the enemy squire attacks with an axe, the mimes can create invisible pantomime axes to copy the attack.

Gafgarion punches a dude with the blade of his sword, and then takes one step forward, as instructed, being that he's also the highest-HP person on the team.

Rad gets another turn and chops that enemy squire for a little damage. Nothing impressive.

The enemy squire then attacks Ramza, who counter-tackles him to death. Holy shit, that counter tackle did more damage than most of my other characters' real attacks. Also, that enemy squire was pathetic - the mimes have three times as much HP as it. I'm a little disappointed since that means Lavian can't finish him off.

The mimes mimic the squire's attack again, swinging imaginary axes. One of them actually connects with one of my characters, which is slightly astonishing. I refuse to believe the enemy AI did that on purpose.

Agrias and Alicia finally finish their attacks with excessively long charge times, attacking the empty tile where the dead squire used to be standing. They took so long that it's now time for their next turns already.

Agrias tries to get one of these stupid mimes down to low enough HP that Lavian can finish it off. She doesn't even get close - these things have crazy HP for some reason - but she does inflict stop on it.

Rad also gets ANOTHER turn. This is his third turn. He's really fast, and he's also just standing still. If you don't move during your turn, you get your next turn faster. Too bad he's so weak that it doesn't matter. This attack only would've done 12 damage if it had connected. Gafgarion can hit for five times that much. Why is this kid even on my team? Everybody else is some kind of mystical knight with holy sword and divine sword and dark sword, and he's over here throwing stones.

Also, Reflect status wears off of all three mimes. Wait, what? Didn't they have auto-reflect somehow? Why would that wear off? I'm getting more and more confused.

Gafgarion and Lavian team up to annihilate a mime. Gaffy goes in with Stasis Sword, and Lavian finishes it off with a Lightning Stab.

Mimes Slaughtered: 1

Only one enemy is still capable of acting. Wait, what's this? Oh my God, it killed Rad!

...Realizing that it probably should have prioritized a different target, it flees as far from the battle as possible.

There's also a second mime still alive, obscured by the camera angle, but paralyzed by Stasis Sword. Each stupid mime will probably take two more hits to kill.