The Z is for Znderson; RMN's resident antagonator
The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD is a free online game based on the worlds and combat systems of your favorite Squaresoft games. UOSSMUD includes job trees from FFT and FF5, advanced classes from multiple other Square games, and worlds based extremely accurately upon Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasies 5, 6, and 7. Travel through the original worlds and experience events that mirror those of the original games in an online, multiplayer format.

If a large, highly customized MUD, now over 10 years old and still being expanded, with a job system and worlds based on some of the most popular console RPGs seems interesting to you, feel free to log on and check it out. Visit uossmud.sandwich.net for information about logging on.
This is the story of one man, his quest for revenge, his desire to protect what he has left, and his ultimate failure.



RMNverse Battledome 5 - COMPLETE!

You know, given what I actually did with my bots, I probably could've used OMNIMURDEROID-X17-BETA and Peachie, instead of making a new robot and new characters. They've never actually been in a battledome, but they were in the choose-your-own-adventure forum game set in the Space Academy (the same story that resulted in the invention of rocket shades).

On the other hand, the Flapnoggin race might be the best race in the RMNverse.


Your art is so insanely good, but your maps are so insanely bad.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm working on an April Fools day event for the Unofficial Squaresoft MUD. We do something every year.

- One year we changed our name to the Unofficial Dragon Warrior MUD, and replaced the entire job system with Dragon Warrior 7's job system, and replaced the newbie tutorial with the opening dungeon of Dragon Warrior 1 (full of aggressive enemies that murdered the shit out of you at level 1).
- One year we created a series of "spin-offs" to the MUD named UOSSMUD: Advent Children, UOSSMUD: Dawn of Souls, UOSSMUD Type-0, and UOSSMUD Versus, which were just copies of the original game but with some gimmick. UOSSMUD Versus had player-versus-enemy combat completely disabled for example, but all players were permanently flagged as PVP and could gain experience from PVP kills. None of them were particularly playable.
- One year we changed our name to Unofficial Soviet Socialist MUD and made any gold or experience points that players gained be divided equally across all players who were online. (We had to backup everyone's player data and revert it at the end of the day for this one.)
- One year we made all player messages be written in Al Bhed, but enemies would randomly drop Al Bhed Primers that translated one letter of what you said into English. If you collected all 26 your messages would be fully written in English again.
- One year, we had a major project that had been "in progress" for over three years, which was a rehaul of every piece of equipment in the game, and major changes to all the methods of getting equipment. The joke at that point was that any time someone asked about it, it got delayed by another two weeks. So for april fools day, we put it in play.... for real. Permanently. And everyone thought it was a joke. That was the best one.

The Rise of the Complete Heal after Every Battle Game

Wine & Roses is a game that has a dungeon, but no, that does not make it a dungeon crawler. The way you explore in Wine & Roses has more in common with Castlevania or Dark Souls than it does with dungeon crawlers.

Dungeon crawlers you might have played include:
- Etrian Odyssey
- Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon
- Other games in the Mysterious Dungeon series
- Ergheiz
- Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
- Recettear, arguably? (You can beat this game without ever entering the dungeon)
- The Ancient Cave in Lufia 2
- The 100 floor optional dungeon in Wild ARMs: Alter Code F

They are games about getting as far as you can in a dungeon before your luck and supplies run out, escaping back to town with what loot you amassed, healing and restocking, and then trying again and attempting to get farther. The increasing danger as you run out of supplies while staying in the dungeon for longer and longer until you're forced to escape is literally the defining feature of the sub-genre (when compared to other types of RPGs). There are lots of games that have that kind of gameplay, like Dragon Warrior, but a dungeon crawler is about that kind of gameplay.

Although sometimes it's done other ways, you'll usually find that the game consists of one giant dungeon that is separated into floors or stratums so that the player can get a clear sense of how much progress they're making. This creates a very linear path of progression in the game - the choices you make are mostly about how you approach the dungeon, not about where you go. Typically dungeon crawlers have shortcuts you can unlock along the way so that you aren't starting from the beginning each time.

The Rise of the Complete Heal after Every Battle Game

I mean, of course that sounds like it could work as a game, but it would feel absolutely nothing like a dungeon crawler, since you're never in any danger.

The Rise of the Complete Heal after Every Battle Game

How does that work, exactly?